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Printed Bic Lighters – A Low-Cost, High-Return Marketing Tool

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The dual benefits offered by using BIC lighters as a marketing tool should not be overlooked.

Printed lighters

A printed usb lighter is a disposable cigarette lighter that has your business name and/or logo and contact information printed on the side. You can sell these lighters in a hotel, convenience store or other retail location. There are many reasons that lighters are such a good marketing tool including visibility, price and frequency of use. Their profitability factor is an added bonus.

In most forms of advertising (print, television, radio ads, etc.) what you spend on advertising isn’t likely to be directly recouped. The increased custom to your business will be realized instead.

Printed lighters are different in that you directly recoup the advertising cost, that is, the cost of buying the Bic lighters and having them printed with your logo, when you sell the lighters. When you buy lighters wholesale it allows you to make a high mark-up. There are good profit margins to be made when you buy lighters wholesale and sell printed with your name. This means that you don’t need to sell many to cover your outlay then all of the rest is profit.

High impact

Your printed lighters will have a large marketing footprint because they’ll be seen not just by the person that buys them, but by anyone who sees your customer light up with them. Lighters are often borrowed, so there’s another opportunity for your message to get out to potential customers. You will keep your brand in the customers mind whenever they use the lighter. Your customer will automatically think of you due to this repetition.

While there are many brands of disposable lighters you could buy for your marketing tool, Bic lighters have a reputation for dependability and reliability. After all, you don’t want your name and number on the side of a cigarette lighter that doesn’t work.

In the current struggling economy, successful businesses are ones that find effective, efficient and clever ways to market their products or services. You can contain your advertizing budget whilst still getting your name promoted using printed BIC lighters.

Summary: Businesses in the hospitality, retail or convenience sectors can benefit from the word of mouth buzz generated by having their business logo and contact information printed on Bic lighters.…

Bathroom Vanity and Sink – Important Considerations to Make the Perfect Choice

Make your choice of washbasin and fittings simple by considering the people who will be using the basin on a daily basis. Decide whether more than one person will want to have access to a basin at the same time. Will you be carrying out other activities, such as shaving and hair-washing? This will influence the height of the basin and position of the fittings.

Will two people want to wash in the bathroom vanity at the same time? Have you the space to fit twin sinks with enough elbow room for two people?

Do you require space under the basin to store items? Would a wall-mounted basin help to free-up this floor area?

Are you taller or smaller than average? Would it be more comfortable to fit a wall-mounted basin at a height that suits you? If so, have you checked at the wall basin you have chosen can be fitted with a syphon cover to hide the-pipe work or recess the supply pipes in the wall?

Do you have young children who tend to overfill the basin or splash water onto the floor? Would a basin with inward-sloping edges be a good idea?

Do you want to wash your hair in the basin? If so, can the spout be turned to one side so that your head can fit quite comfortably over the basin?

For the basin or sink, there are different materials. Which should you choose for? Ceramic basins are still the most popular choice, though the use of metal and glass designs are becoming more widespread. Marble, granite, wood, and mineral resin compounds can be custom made to suit specific requirements but are expensive.

It is also worth nothing that basins set within a counter or washstand must be well fitted with the basin edge sealed to prevent water and damp from penetrating the surrounding unit. Deep, inward sloping rather than shallow sink will help to protect the counter-top area from stray splashes of water.

What about different type and design of bathroom sinks? One popular choice is wall-mounted basins. These space-saving basins simply need fixing to a solid wall or upright that can take the weight of the basin when it is full of water. The waste outlet is hidden within a simple siphon cover or a cylindrical bottle-trap. Free space beneath the basin makes the bathroom feel larger and it can store bathroom weighing scales or stool. You can also make the bathroom more glamorous by installing glass bathroom sinks.…

Risks of Repairing a Roof Yourself Without a Roofer

Homeowners will to try to repair their own roof sometimes because they want to save money. This can be very dangerous not to mention it can make things worse in some cases. A homeowner usually anticipates regular maintenance every year such as HVAC repair, painting or plumbing problems. With each call to a contractor to fix things around the house costs can add up.

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Many homeowners also pay on preventive yearly maintenance contracts or home buyer warranty plans that only cover a selective range of problems. Above all things constructed on your home your roof is the most important. Some homeowners will try to save a few bucks by going to the local hardware store and pick up a bucket of tar or some shingles. No matter how much confidence you have in your home improvement skills trying to create a Band-Aid can lead to more potential problems down the road.

A Roof Repairs leak can be very harmful and cause an unsafe environment to live in. Even a small roof leak can cause a massive amount of black mold and wood rot. A roof leak can be ongoing for many years without any notice. Dampness can also attract termites and other annoying nuisances. Climbing up on a roof can be very dangerous for anyone without much experience. Roofs can be steep and they also have surface mold that is very slick to walk on. Attempting to do a roof repair without sufficient training or safety precautions is not only life threatening, it can cause a severe injury to occur. When repairing your roof it is always best to contact a specialist. A professional experience roofing contractor can examine your situation and help resolve any roofing problems that you might have.

Most roofers have certifications and many years of experience dealing with roof repairs. In fact many roofers have spent a great deal of their lives analyzing and conducting roof repairs on a day-to-day basis. A professional roofer will use his own fundamental troubleshooting steps to find out the cause and effect of your roof problem. Sometimes when a homeowner tries to repair a roof on his own it can cause additional problems or make the repair more complicated for the roofing contractor. This is and can cause price of the repair to be higher than expected. If you have an emergency and the rain is coming in asked the roofing contractor to see if he can do a temporary repair to watertight your home until the repair can be scheduled to be done properly.

The roof over your head is the most important part of your home. It protects your belongings, the structure of your home and the health and safety of your family. A roof repair is not something to be taken lightly. Find a roofing contractor that you can trust to provide you with the best advice that will use many years of experience to correct your problem. Not all repairs of the same, each roof has …

A Book Review: Too Wise to Be Mistaken, Too Good to Be Unkind by Cathy Steere – Dealing With Autism

Years ago a lady from my church invited me to a seminar given by the neurodevelopmentalist that she worked with to help her son, Drew. I had been looking for a way to further my education with the goal of having better solutions for families who came to me with learning challenges. With my M.A. in Special Education I worked with home schooling families, but I noticed that the tools I had learned with that Master’s was primarily accommodating the learning challenges rather than eliminating them. I wanted to help more so I had begun a search for a way to actually help families in a meaningful way. This timely invitation led me to the neurodevelopmental approach. Read more about NDSI Providers.

That lady was Cathy Steere who has shared the story of her family’s journey with autism. When you read her book, Too Wise to Be Mistaken, Too Good to Be Unkind, you will know why I have been studying and applying the neurodevelopmental approach in my work ever since.

Amazingly, David and Cathy Steere did not have a diagnosis of autism until Drew was almost four years old. They felt like they had lost so much time, but the beauty of their story is that they had been faithfully following God’s Word in the training of Drew. They had focused on building his character and disciplining him according to God’s direction in His Word. All of that made the individualized neurodevelopmental plans that their neurodevelopmentalist, Cyndi Ringoen, eventually wrote for Drew much more efficient. Often, parents have to begin with getting behavior under control before they can make any progress at all. By not knowing they were dealing with autism, but knowing what the Bible taught about the nature of man and the nature of God, they proceeded with God’s plan for Drew and later their second son, Elliot.

Whether or not there are learning or behavioral challenges, any parent will find encouragement as you read this account. For those who are facing any sort of challenge, you will find comfort in knowing that God has given direction to parents in the form of principles. God will lead parents to professionals who can come along side to give encouragement and tools to work with your child to meet his needs. By reading this book, you will learn how the neurodevelopmentalist looks for missing pieces in development and teaches parents to do activities that stimulate the brain in a way that encourages that development.

Personally, I cry with the Steeres every time I read Cathy’s book. Some are tears of sorrow for the difficult times they experienced. Others, are tears of joy when Cathy wrote about the first time Drew ran to her for comfort, giving her his first awkward hug. Though often taken for granted, that simple action in a child with a condition like Drew’s, is a milestone in development. I count it a privilege to work with families like Drew’s because of the perseverance of …

SEO – Optimization Services For Your Online Business

There are quite a number of people who are turned to running their businesses online as opposed to running the business physically. This is because their businesses get exposed to a larger audience. One of the ways people have made sure that their businesses have thrived on the internet is by employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. SEO includes a number of strategies that help your online business or website get known by people who use the internet. There are many people who have started employing such services for their websites. There are those people who do it on their own while there are those ones who get professional local SEO Brisbane experts or companies to work on their websites.

It is good thing if you carry out search engine optimization for yourself. In fact, it is very cheap because the two most important things you need are internet access and content. You can generate the content on your. These days, internet costs are very cheap. Another advantage of carrying out SEO on your own is that you get to learn things firsthand. There is a lot you can read about SEO but the most important thing is to practice it. SEO is best learnt through practice. As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect.’

However, not many people have the time to carry out SEO on their own. People have other things to do. For example, if you are running a business, you are supposed to be concentrating on making profits for your business. It would be good if you participated in some of the SEO activities but that is not your specialty. It is better to let the experts do their work. That is why it is important to use SEO companies or experts to help you make your website known on the internet.

SEO experts and SEO companies dedicate their time to making sure your business performs well online. They will help you generate your content easily. They will help you get relevant backlinks and will market your website in all the right places. What would take you about 6 months to accomplish as you carry out SEO for your website would take SEO professionals less than a month. This is why you should consider getting an SEO expert or company as opposed to doing it for yourself. However, if you are in no hurry to grow your online business, you can slowly do SEO on your own.

Method of Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Carpet

Did you know that the carpets in your vehicle act like a magnet for grime and dust? The dirt accumulates under the carpets, and pounds deep into them. What should you do?

1. Clear out your car:

The first thing that should be done is that you should empty your vehicle and take everything out of it. Not even a single object should be there, including the seats, change tray, mats etc.

2. Vacuuming of the carpets:

It is not a very straight forward and easy task; you should move the seat back and forth. The free dirt and dust should be vacuumed off the carpets. It is a built up task and may consume a lot of time, which may begin with a car wash or shop vacuum equipment. Then, you should move to a small vacuum and clean with the help of a brush, as this will be able to reach all of the splits and cracks that were not reached by a vacuum shop. You should also include the seats in your cleanup.

3. Blots and stains – a massive issue:

Now you will be able to recognize serious issues in your vehicle. The spots and stains look quite tough, and you may feel like they will never go away, however you can use a little spot technique. A huge variety of solutions are available for spot removal. No matter which solution you choose, make sure that the technique is tried before its full application. The spot should never be scrubbed. You can pour a small amount of wetness and then blot; continue this until the affected area is cleaned. Then let it dry, and replicate the same action afterwards.

4. Usual wash-up:

Now, when you have completely blotted the stains and spots, you may proceed with the washing session. Never soak your carpet; this is a suggestion given by a person owning a business for more than 20 years. A huge amount of low priced liquid for dish washing should be added in a small quantity of water. This will formulate a lot of foam and bubbles. Then, soak in a brush and rub the carpet cleaners brisbane nicely. After this, apply shop vacuum to get rid of any excess water. Let it dry for a while. You would also want to keep a spray cleaner with a few pieces of cloth in your car and clean the spill when fresh. This will contribute greatly in the maintenance of your expensive and most admired car.

Why Air Conditioner Filters Are Key to A Healthy Family

Everything in the air conditioning installation becomes useless if the filter stops working optimally. Being one of the most important parts of the unit it is essential good maintenance is undertaken. These days there are so many chemicals adrift in the air that having something to block them out of the air coming into our apartment or house is a godsend. It’s just not good having chemicals all getting into the ducting and corroding it, nor is it good for it to get into our lungs. Making sure the filter is as clean as it can be is essential. If it isn’t then it’s essential to get it cleaned or replaced.

Nothing can compare to the ease of mind that comes from knowing the air being brought in has less chemicals in it. This is especially true when your own family is involved. Wanting everything to be as safe and natural as possible is what every parent wants. Many will go to great lengths to get it.

There are many types of air con units, and they are built to many different design specifications and have different criteria. So all use different filters and it’s best to get the one that is a close match. Any dirt on the filter blocks the flow of air, and this causes the unit to need to work harder and draw more electricity to do less work, adding to expensive fuel bills that could have otherwise been avoided. Then the environment suffers as well. The best plan is to start up a regime of maintenance for your air conditioning unit. This has many benefits and ensures that the unit lasts a long time, gives cold air is most efficient, and doesn’t need repaired as often. Such maintenance should be applied regularly. Home air cons aren’t as high use and would therefore need less maintenance than office varieties, which typically need replaced every two or so weeks. If you make it habit to change the filter it will work out better. And when you have the peace of mind of knowing your family are breathing the most filtered air possible, and that you are also saving on expensive bills, everything is much more peaceful. Nothing then can beat the coolness of the nice breeze blown by the air-con.