Method of Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Carpet

Did you know that the carpets in your vehicle act like a magnet for grime and dust? The dirt accumulates under the carpets, and pounds deep into them. What should you do?

1. Clear out your car:

The first thing that should be done is that you should empty your vehicle and take everything out of it. Not even a single object should be there, including the seats, change tray, mats etc.

2. Vacuuming of the carpets:

It is not a very straight forward and easy task; you should move the seat back and forth. The free dirt and dust should be vacuumed off the carpets. It is a built up task and may consume a lot of time, which may begin with a car wash or shop vacuum equipment. Then, you should move to a small vacuum and clean with the help of a brush, as this will be able to reach all of the splits and cracks that were not reached by a vacuum shop. You should also include the seats in your cleanup.

3. Blots and stains – a massive issue:

Now you will be able to recognize serious issues in your vehicle. The spots and stains look quite tough, and you may feel like they will never go away, however you can use a little spot technique. A huge variety of solutions are available for spot removal. No matter which solution you choose, make sure that the technique is tried before its full application. The spot should never be scrubbed. You can pour a small amount of wetness and then blot; continue this until the affected area is cleaned. Then let it dry, and replicate the same action afterwards.

4. Usual wash-up:

Now, when you have completely blotted the stains and spots, you may proceed with the washing session. Never soak your carpet; this is a suggestion given by a person owning a business for more than 20 years. A huge amount of low priced liquid for dish washing should be added in a small quantity of water. This will formulate a lot of foam and bubbles. Then, soak in a brush and rub the carpet cleaners brisbane nicely. After this, apply shop vacuum to get rid of any excess water. Let it dry for a while. You would also want to keep a spray cleaner with a few pieces of cloth in your car and clean the spill when fresh. This will contribute greatly in the maintenance of your expensive and most admired car.