Why Pizza Hut is selling a colossal 2-foot pizza during the coronavirus pandemic

Sound the food trend alarm.

Fast-food is becoming monstrous food with more calories to share among quarantined families during the coronavirus. Right now, it’s Yum! Brands that is leading the charge on this colossal grub. The company’s Pizza Hut chain unleashed the ‘Big Dipper’ pizza into the wild this month. For $12.99, you get a two-foot long pizza with 24-slices and four dipping sauces.

Who wouldn’t want to put pics of the ‘Big Dipper’ on their Insta feeds with the hashtag #dinnerduringcoronavirus.

“What you are seeing is that our order sizes are going up as customers are eating at home with their families today. I think that trend could possibly continue more than it has in the past. So that means we have to offer customers the kinds of things that make sense for the party sizes. So, you see Pizza Hut rolling out the Big Dipper pizza which is designed to feed a family of four. Taco Bell is now leaning in on party packs for larger occasions,” Yum! Brands CEO David Gibbs said on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade.

Pizza Hut sign at a restaurant in Miami.. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Besides party packs, Gibbs’s Taco Bell brand has also released the ‘Tripleupa.’ It’s essentially three chalupas fused together that could be pulled apart and shared. Or, eaten as is.

McDonald’s has jumped aboard the emerging fast-food trend, too.

Earlier this month, it dropped the once unthinkable ‘Double Big Mac.’ The Double Big Mac has four patties instead of the iconic burger’s two. Obviously, that also means more special sauce.

Now owned by Inspire Brands, Sonic — known for its single patty burgers — welcomed back its Double Stack cheeseburger to the menu. It hadn’t been on the menu since 2018. The burger features two quarter pound beef patties, melted cheese and pickles.

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