What’s the Difference Between a Microloan and a Microcredit?

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A life without a choice seems irrational, and its necessity persecutes people in various spheres of life. The same concerns financial aid when a person decides to borrow some money for his needs. If turning to banks, they are the last facility you would like to go to because they reject people even with high paying capacities and with a folder full of documentation for an application. Online lenders, in turn, offer microcredit programs. Or, even their similar analog, microloans.

How to Spot the Difference?

In fact, there is nothing complicated as far as both of them are aimed to provide people with a small amount of money. The slight difference may lay in the identification of individuals who request them. So, whenever you think of microloan vs microcredit, make sure you have enough eligibility.


  • Usually, entrepreneurs or small businesses apply to get microcredit. It can be a group or one person who will request. 
  • The purpose is to establish a small business or to expand the assets only. But, it predetermines small amounts that reach up to 800€ only. In case, it is your first application for a microcredit loan, the limit is 300€. 
  • After boosting a good credit history, a person can increase the amount or allow himself to apply for other microcredit analogs. 
  • Only Spanish ID, valid bank account number and mobile number, a proven source of income, and free access to the Internet.
  • Freelancers and applicants with a bad credit history are eligible.
  • Repayment term range from 5 up to 30 days.
  • Also, it is considered as financial help for poor people in order to motivate them to become self-employed. 
  • No security.


  • Most commonly referred to auxiliary financial help to poor segments of the population, or the ones who need microloans for medical procedures, clothes, house renovation, and so on. The same may be applied for small businesses to maintain their profitable status on the market.
  • One-to-one requirements as with microcredit toward the documentation for the application, only Spanish ID, valid mobile and bank account numbers, a proven source of income, free access to the Internet.
  • Up to 800€ only. The first application limits to 300€ as well.
  • Freelancers and applicants with a bad credit history are eligible.
  • Repayment of microloans ranges from 5 up to 20 days.
  • No security.

In fact, they both predetermine the average interest rate. But, if again it is the first application, the interest is decreased. Another requirement encompasses the age of eligibility. Applicants from 21 up to 75 years are accepted only. 

At last, such microcreditos are good in terms of speed. If a person or group, or businesses need funds for their needs, they may get such help within the shortest period. On average, it takes only 15 minutes, if you managed to attach valid information without any mistakes. Whenever you plan to request either microcredit or microloans, check for additional fees or penalties in the agreement. Because the exact difference may end up hiding exactly in this contract that will bound you to comply with unforeseen consequences and rules.