Websites For CPAs & Accountants To Effectively Market Accounting Services

Websites For CPAs & Accountants To Effectively Market Accounting Services

Having worked as a practice development consultant to the accounting industry for fifteen years, I have seen dramatic changes in marketing by CPA accountants. The greatest change has been in the use of the internet and websites.

Websites have become mandatory for all Accounting firms to maintain an “up-to-date” professional image. If a CPA firm fails to maintain a Website, the public could be given a parallel perception that the firm is not “up-to-date” in understanding the laws, rules, and regulations of the business. The Accountant could easily find him or herself in an embarrassing position of explaining to a potential client why they neglected having a Website. The CPA only has one opportunity to give a first impression; it is best for it to be an “up-to-date” powerful first impression.

In addition to image, a CPA Accountant should design the Website to attract new external clients. Many Websites are designed today mostly focusing on accommodating existing clients. While this is important, it should not be the primary focus of the CPA’s Website. The Website should be developed to attract a prospective client and have him or her respond by contacting the CPA. In addition, the Website should be designed to direct potential clients via Internet search engines to the site.

The Internet has become the modern-day Interstate for the Website. When the “Interstate” was built years ago, many companies decided not to relocate their business along the Interstate. As a consequence, many companies went out of business. The companies that did relocate thrived. CPAs must relocate their marketing efforts to the Internet via their Website. The Accountant who fails to do so may compromise the future of his or her firm while firms that do have a Website will flourish and thrive.

As companies relocated during the building of the Interstate, there position along the Interstate determined much of their future success. This is also true with Accountant’s Websites. Where a CPA Accountant positions his or her firm’s Website will influence the firm’s future success. The CPA Accountant whose Website is highly visible to the Internet traffic will have much greater growth than those which lack visibility or are difficult to find. Similar to the Interstate, the Internet has very few positions with great visibility and many positions with poor visibility. Accordingly, it is extremely important to have a knowledgeable professional prepare a CPA Accountant Firm’s website who can develop it with high visibility.

In a major Metropolitan City, there maybe thousands of CPA accounting firms all competing for a few precious positions on a search engine that will provide great visibility. Imagine thousands of CPA firms all competing for a first page listing. If the CPA Accountant’s firm is adopting a template that is common to many other template Websites, his or her firm will never stand a chance. His or her firm must use a professional Website developer who will not use a common template for the website. The professional should also provide individual care to develop the CPA Accountant’s Website using techniques and strategies independent of standard key word phrases. Remember, if the CPA Accountant’s Website developer is performing the same service for you as he or she is providing for the other thousands of CPA accounting firms that are competing for the few visible positions, his or her firm will not succeed. There are many Website development companies available for accounting firms today, but the one company that stands out is “Infoworkz Solutions Group.”

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