Things to Anticipate When Being Offered a New Job

If you are preparing to receive a job offer, don’t be surprised by what comes next. Whether you have found a new job or your first job, there are a few things to prepare for in the hiring process. Know what to expect, and make the transition into your new job a smooth one.

Agree Upon Pay

Now that you have wowed your new employer in the interview and are being extended an offer for the position, it is time to negotiate salary. There are many sources of information to research before you get to this part in the hiring process. Create a strategy for negotiating your salary. Consider checking into the average pay for the position in your area. Come in prepared with a salary in mind you think is fair for your position and your experience, and be ready to speak to your value as an employee.

Perform Required Screenings

A contingency that may arise when offered your new job is a background or drug test. Background testing is a standard for many employers. They will often use a background check company to screen potential hires. Depending on the industry and company, drug testing may also be required for the hiring process. Often employers will send new employees to a clinic for drug testing.

Begin Training

With your salary negotiated, and the background and drug tests complete, another thing to expect is a training period. This may include training at another branch of your new company or training with a coworker onsite. In some cases, special training pay may be a condition for the training period that is different than your negotiated salary.

Now that you have found your new job, the hard part is over. Keep in mind these few things to expect when hired for a new job, and look like a pro while you take everything in stride.