The Best UK Health Insurance Providers

Healthcare insurance is important for both citizens and visitors in the UK. The rising cost of healthcare delivery services shows people that they need health insurance, and insurance companies have developed a host of insurance policies to purchase. These policies have distinct features that will meet the health needs of consumers.

Buying health insurance should be done carefully. It’s not to be done because it’s popular or your friends and family are using it. Look at buying health insurance as a type of nutrient your body needs right now or will need in the future. It has to be personalized to your health needs at hand or in the future. See below the best UK health insurance providers.

1. Aviva

This insurance provider is sixth in the world and the largest in the UK. With their different health insurance policies, customers can choose the best suits their needs and budget. These include Healthier Solutions, a full privacy policy that delivers fast and efficient medical treatment at select hospitals around the UK that are part of a network of hospitals they use for their clients. 

Another is the Speedy Diagnosis policy which is cheaper because it covers only specialist consultations, medical diagnosis, CT, MRI, PET scans, and more. The Child Health Solution plan is a private health insurance plan for children below 18 years.

2. AXA Health Insurance

They are used by over 16 million people all over the UK and pay over 3million claims per working day. They have plans like the Business Health Care plan, which has different levels to choose from to cover business needs and budget. 

The Cash Back Plan pays you back the amount you spend on everyday healthcare like visits to dentists, physiotherapists and the likes.


This not-for-profit health insurance company returns to the company’s coffers what has been earned towards providing people with quality and effective health care services. The BUPA BY You policy gives you an option to choose from the Comprehensive and Treatments Care packages. Their BUPA Cancer Promise ensures a client receives the best cancer-related treatment and services.


Another not-for-profit provider that focuses on improving their products and services for customers. They have an unlimited payment package for cancer clients. They will pay any amount as long as it is customary and within a reasonable level.

5. Health Online

They cover over 200 hospitals in the UK. They allow you to build your policy from the various packages they have that suit your needs and budget plans. They cover for any illness that arises after you purchase a policy. 

Their Family Health Insurance Plan allows you to mix and match options that’ll suit your family needs. You can add your spouse, partner and even your unmarried children who are up to 24 years on the plan.


These health insurance providers offer coverages for a lot of medical needs. These include consultant fees, diagnostic tests, drugs, surgeries, cancer cover, in-patient and out- patient care and more. Ensure you understand what is covered one whatever policy you want to purchase. Look for the ones that can allow you to add some other features to your policy. In all, only you can decide what you want based on what you need to have.