The Advantages of Putting in your CV on the Internet

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Making your curriculum vitae accessible online allows you to enhance your professional profile and gain visibility with recruiters. Having a CV on the web is then an excellent way of multiplying your contacts with headhunters. Furthermore, it is now important to optimize your digital identity and e-reputation if you want to get your dream job.

How to Create your Online Profile?

First of all, you have to start by making an inventory of all the information which circulates on the net about yourself. If certain negative things appear, it is highly recommended to remove them definitively. If it appears on a site that does not belong to you, simply contact the owner and ask them to delete the negative information. Same if compromising photos of yours are available on social media.

Also think about setting up a passive standby. To control the publication of information about you on the net, you can set a Google alert on your first name and your last name. Thus, you will be notified each time someone publish about you on the web.

Control your digital identity in order to have a great visibility. This involves creating your profile on professional social networks like LinkedIn and Viadeo which are very well referenced. The ideal is to be present online via several services if possible. You can also create your own website or blog to post your CV. Do not forget to use a creator of CV online to build an attractive digital resume.

For which Professions an Online CV is Particularly Relevant?

Even if all jobs are involved, there are some business areas such as communication, marketing and IT that require it more than the others. Today recruiters go through many different departments to source candidates, particularly in areas under stress such as IT. But overall, having an online resume can be useful for everyone.

How to Enhance the Visibility of your Online CV?

The first thing to do is to pay attention to the keywords and the title used in the online CV. You can also disseminate links that lead to your CV online on different online supports: Viadeo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, in comments on blogs or on relevant and quality discussion forums. The must is to have your own domain name. All these tips will allow your resume to be well referenced on CV libraries and search engines. Once again, use an online CV creator to have a catchy and appealing resume.