The key to Trump winning reelection

President Trump thinks immigration is his strongest issue, since it helped build his voter base and catapult him to the White House in 2016. And he still hopes to persuade voters he’ll be better than Democrat Joe Biden at rebuilding an economy ravaged by coronavirus shutdowns.

But amid the coronavirus pandemic and a severe recession, Trump’s reelection odds depend on something else, according to Greg Valliere, chief US policy strategist for AGF Investments. “I think it comes down to one issue. That’s his temperament,” Valliere says on the latest episode of the Yahoo Finance Electionomics podcast. “I think he’s shown that he does not have the temperament to handle a crisis like this. I’m not a Trump bash teacher, but I have to say as a political analyst, his temperament has left a lot of questions.”

Voters seem to agree with Valliere. Shortly after declaring a national emergency on

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The 5 Very best Stock Industry Books For A Winning Portfolio

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