Chelsea Clinton Prods Oregon Attorney General On Twitter To Behave On Nonunanimous Jury Reform

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Trump is waging a regulatory war against Twitter. He may not have a legal case.

President Donald Trump’s increasingly heated feud with Twitter (TWTR) may be good for social media traffic, but his move to limit a platform’s right to moderate content may not be legally enforceable, according to experts.

An executive order signed by the president on Thursday empowers the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to interpret and issue new regulations for Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — which protects intermediary platforms like Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR), Alphabet’s YouTube (GOOG, GOOGL), among others. 

Section 230 was originally created to enable online platforms to make good faith efforts to block content that the platform —or its users — consider to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, without jeopardizing the platform’s exposure to defamation lawsuits. That latitude gives social media an exemption not available to news organizations and other producers of editorial content.

By weakening the liability shield, Trump’s

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Trump’s attack on Twitter could rewrite the rules of the internet

President Trump on Friday escalated his ongoing feud with Twitter (TWTR) by posting a tweet the company said glorifies violence. The company responded by blocking the tweet, which in part stated “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” from view. To see it, users must click through a warning indicating the tweet violates Twitter’s terms of service.

In response, Trump, who on Thursday signed an executive order seeking to limit the ability of internet companies to moderate content on their sites, tweeted that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, should be revoked.

Section 230 provides online platforms that host user-generated content, which is virtually all internet sites, with a protection against the risk of facing liability suits.

Twitter hid President Trump’s tweet referencing the riots in Minneapolis behind a warning indicating it violated the social networks for ‘glorifying violence.’ (Image: Twitter)

If the executive order goes unchallenged,

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The common thread underlying the riots, COVID, China, Twitter and Trump

The recent spate of shocking news—rioting in Minneapolis and cities across the country, 100,000-plus COVID-19 deaths, unprecedented tension with China and President Trump’s escalated ranting and bizarre-o battle with Twitter—may seem disparate and complex. 

And yet underlying all of this is a single, simple thread. It is an obstruction of truth by those with a personal or political agenda. In a way then, all this news is really one story. It’s about how we’re being distracted from facts and real underlying issues. This clouding is what makes our complicated world that much more difficult to sort out and so too staking a middle ground.

Duh, you say. It’s always been that way.

No, in fact, it hasn’t.

As Americans we yearn for the truth. It’s our nation’s ambition. And yet we are failing in ways we haven’t before. As often happens in situations like this, we’ve slipped into the mire

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How to possibly make easy money off Trump’s battle with Twitter and Facebook

The escalation in the battle between President Trump and social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook could dent the investment theses on each stock near-term, pros say, so it’s likely investors will rotate into less riskier big cap tech stocks.

“I think the trade [on the social media stocks] is to stand back a bit and see how this shakes out. It seems like some sort of regulation on the social media and search names has been coming for a long time. To me there are better places in the market you can go, especially in tech. You can go to a Microsoft. You can go to an Apple. You could go into some of these stay-at-home stocks so you don’t take on that risk around social media regulation,” said Sevens Report Research founder Tom Essaye on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade.

Shares of Twitter (TWTR) fell 2% and

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