We’re seeing a surge in searches for ‘day trading techniques’: Investopedia editor-in-chief

A surge in brokerage accounts combined with speculation on risky stocks are a hazardous recipe, says one market watcher.

“People are new to trading and new to investing and want to take advantage of these wild swings,” Caleb Silver, editor-in-chief of Investopedia, tells Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade.

“These are the most dangerous times to start day trading … This is when people really get hurt,” he added.

Silver says Investopedia is seeing a surge in searches “for everything from day-trading techniques, rules to live by for new day traders, to how to trade the options market.”

Some of the recent top stocks which new investors have been leaning into include Hertz (HTZ), which filed for bankruptcy protection in May; Nikola Motors (NKLA), the hybrid truck company which recently listed on the Nasdaq (^IXIC); Top Ships (TOPS), the penny stock; as well as Oasis Petroleum (OAS) and American Airlines (AAL)—

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Congress insider trading inquiry looks ‘particularly damning’ for Senator Burr, expert says

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) found himself mired in controversy after an investigation by ProPublica/The Center for Responsive Politics revealed that he and his wife sold numerous stock shares following confidential briefings on the coronavirus pandemic.

The Justice Department announced in March that it would be investigating some senators to determine whether they traded ahead of the stock market crash triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. 

And one senator in particular could be especially vulnerable: Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Burr.

Chairman Richard Burr, (R-NC), gives opening remarks at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing for a nomination hearing for Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, on May 5, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images)

“Insider trading cases, because they require knowledge of the material nonpublic information, are always established circumstantially,” James Cox, professor of corporate and securities law at Duke University, told Yahoo Finance. “It’s a little bit like the question in

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DraftKings completes merger that makes it a public company, starts trading Friday

DraftKings, the Boston-based daily fantasy sports company that courted so much controversy about gambling a few years ago, announced Thursday it has completed the $3.3 billion merger that will bring the company public. DraftKings has combined with Diamond Eagle, an SPAC (special-purpose acquisition company) that went public last May, which will resume trading on the Nasdaq on Friday under the DraftKings name and the new ticker DKNG.

“It’s a big milestone for us, and I think in many ways some of the things we went through, the different ups and downs and curveballs, make it that much more special,” says DraftKings cofounder and CEO Jason Robins, who will be CEO and chairman of the combined company.

Going public by merging with an SPAC—no road show, no photos on the stock exchange floor, no confetti—may not be what DraftKings employees and investors originally envisioned for the $3 billion tech unicorn. And

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The stock market is trading like Lehman just went bankrupt

The stock market is in turmoil.

After closing at record highs on February 19, all three major U.S. indexes are now in bear markets.

On Monday, the U.S. stock market was halted for trading after tripping a circuit breaker following a 7% intraday decline in the S&P 500 (^GSPC) shortly after the market open. This was the market’s third halt in six trading days.

And strategists at BlackRock on Monday noted that the market’s current decline looks like a period in time investors have so far been reticent to draw comparisons to — the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

In a note to clients on Monday, BlackRock highlighted the following chart, which shows the performance for the MSCI All World stock market index from February 12, the last day the global market index made a record high high, compared to this index’s same performance from the day before Lehman declared bankruptcy.

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