For-profit college students share horror stories

America’s had problems with for-profit colleges. And history might be repeating itself.

While the economic hit from the coronavirus pandemic is threatening the existence of many colleges, experts believe that for-profit colleges could actually stand to benefit — like they did during the Great Recession.

“For profit colleges will be marketing more aggressively during this period… and especially at a time when high school students aren’t in school near their counselors… traditional mechanisms through which students learn about college options and the value of going to college have been limited,” Josh Wyner at the Aspen Institute told Yahoo Finance.

“And so what we’ve got is a void and for-profit colleges,” Wyner added. “And they’ve got an edge over the competition, because they’ve “always been much more sophisticated in how they market to students.”

“How Does For-Profit College Attendance Affect Student Loans, Defaults, and Labor Market Outcomes?” NBER Working Paper No.

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