3 signs the global economy is starting to emerge from COVID-19 hell

It’s a tale of three worlds right now when discussing the COVID-19 pandemic from a business perspective.

Housed in one world is the absolutely horrific flow of macroeconomic data that continues to rain down on investors globally as businesses bear the brunt of mandatory quarantines. For instance, the U.S. economy shed an astounding 20.5 million jobs in April. The unemployment rate surged to 14.7%.

Most market experts — and even St. Lous Fed President James Bullard — have told Yahoo Finance lately to expect things to get worse before they get better economically.

Meanwhile, inside the other world is the steady stream of bad news from Corporate America. Neiman Marcus and J Crew filed for bankruptcy this month, crumbling under a mountain of debt and next to no demand with stores closed during the health crisis. J.C. Penney is likely to file for bankruptcy shortly and reorganize, sources have told

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Demand for smartphones in China is starting to comeback post coronavirus: Micron exec

Perhaps the strong rally in big cap tech stocks over the past month isn’t overdone. That is if one is to look through the prism of demand for semiconductors in China, where the coronavirus started and has now begun to open back up for business after extended quarantines across the country.

“We are starting to see some demand coming back [in China]. Certainly it was a big reduction in our last quarter because supply of smartphones weren’t available because so many of the smartphone factories were shut down in the first quarter. We’ve seen those start to come back up and we’ve seen some consumer spending,” said Micron Technology executive vice president of global operations Manish Bhatia on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade.

Micron is one of the word’s largest producers of DRAM and NAND flash memory chips. Its chips are instrumental building blocks in smartphones and cloud computing technologies.

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Apple debuts low-cost iPhone SE starting at $399

Apple (AAPL) on Wednesday announced its long-anticipated sequel to its low-cost iPhone SE, which happens to be called the iPhone SE. Based on the design of the iPhone 8, the SE will start at $399 when it hits the market on April 24.

Unlike the current-generation iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the new SE will feature a smaller 4.7-inch Retina Display. The iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina panel, while the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch Super Retina screen. The iPhone 11 Pro Max, meanwhile, sports a massive 6.7-inch Super Retina screen.

The iPhone SE is the spitting image of the iPhone 8 in design and shape, meaning it also includes Apple’s older, though much-loved, Touch ID fingerprint reader. Unfortunately, it also means the phone won’t include Apple’s Face ID face scanning technology.

Though the outside of the SE features the

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$50B coronavirus lifeline for small businesses ‘already starting to be approved’

President Donald Trump’s plan to utilize the Small Business Administration in the U.S. government’s coronavirus response is moving quickly, a top official told Yahoo Finance, with billions set to be allocated to cash-strapped establishments around the country.

The U.S. virtual shutdown amid the pandemic is set to spark mass layoffs. It’s galvanized Washington to hash out a massive stimulus package to backstop an economy that analysts believe has already fallen into recession.

Trump recently stated that the SBA would serve as a clearing house for “up to $50 billion” in available loans to help struggling small businesses weather the coming storm. The stimulus deal being negotiated on Capitol Hill will likely give the agency even more lending power — with the president vowing “aggressive action” as the crisis escalates.

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