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Our emphasis is on coaching academically robust surgeons with critical thinking expertise and procedural expertise in caring for the various sufferers seen within the follow of general surgical procedure. We focus on a spread of general surgical procedures, including belly, endocrine, and breast surgical procedure; robotic surgical procedure and GI endoscopy. Our residents additionally gain expertise in anesthesia, and plastic, vascular, and cardiothoracic surgery.

  • Where in a Member State, churches and religious associations or communities apply, at the time of entry into drive of this Regulation, comprehensive guidelines relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to processing, such guidelines may proceed to apply, offered that they’re introduced into line with this Regulation.
  • Each supervisory authority ought to be competent on the territory of its own Member State to exercise the powers and to perform the tasks conferred on it in accordance with this Regulation.
  • The incontrovertible fact that
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Business leaders fear ‘flaming on social media’ if they criticize President Donald Trump: Fast Company Editor-in-Chief

Many business leaders disapprove of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, but fear the consequences of saying so publicly — according to Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of the business publication Fast Company.

In a newly released interview, taped on April 27, Mehta said many top executives find it “frustrating” they cannot criticize Trump over his handling of the pandemic due to potential damage for their company and personal backlash they may face online.

“It’s frustrating for a lot of leaders in business because they feel they can’t come out and call the president out on it,” says Mehta, a former business reporter at the Wall Street Journal and executive editor at Fortune.

“The consequences can be pretty great, not only to their business but also they become the subject of some pretty, pretty serious flaming on social media,” she adds.

Since Trump took office, he has sharply rebuked some

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2020 will go down as ‘tragic year’ due to COVID-19 and social unrest

GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra thinks 2020 will go down as a year for the ages. But not for upbeat reasons by any stretch of the imagination.

“2020 will go down as a tragic year” because of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising social unrest, said GM (GM) Chairman and CEO Mary Barra during a virtual fireside chat with the Automotive Press Association. Barra was speaking ahead of GM’s annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday.

GM’s factories in North America restarted production on May 18. The company has implemented strict guidelines to prevent workers from getting infected with COVID-19. Some measures include the spacing out of shifts and requiring all personnel in the buildings to wear masks.

Despite the U.S. being in recession, GM had a better than reasonable first quarter.

First quarter earnings topped estimates by a surprising 32 cents on the back of demand for pickup trucks. The company

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Americans in both parties increasingly think the social safety net needs to be expanded

Since the coronavirus crisis – and accompanying recession – began three months ago. Congress has responded by ushering in a range of changes to the social safety net on things from unemployment insurance to paid family leave.

The catch is that nearly all of these changes come with an expiration date. A new survey finds widespread support for making at least some of them permanent.

Only 24% of likely voters wanted “the government to return to the role it had before the crisis occurred.”

“Far too many hard-working Americans were already living paycheck to paycheck before the pandemic, which has exposed the fragility of America’s social safety net,” said Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, president of The Rockefeller Foundation, which oversaw the survey along with The Bipartisan Policy Center.

The survey also laid out just how disproportionate the effect of the crisis has been on communities of color. “It’s a pretty

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Impact of new social unrest on the US economy in two charts

To those Wall Street strategists saying the social unrest currently sweeping the country isn’t enough to derail the market’s shocking rally from the March lows, we present new charts from Goldman Sachs.

In the charts — which you could see below — it’s clear that social unrest as measured by real-time user comments about the economy on Twitter is beginning to weigh on consumer confidence.

Consumer sentiment (left chart) had begun to stabilize in early to mid-May with states reopening and people returning to work after months of COVID-19 lockdowns. But then came the senseless killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police in late May and rampant protests and looting, and a plunge in consumer sentiment per Twitter data analyzed by Goldman.

Meanwhile, negative sentiment on the economy (right chart) as measured by tweets not mentioning coronavirus has spiked over the past week. Some strategists have pushed back on a

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