Uber to require all drivers, passengers to wear masks in fight against coronavirus spread

Starting Monday, Uber (UBER) will require its drivers and passengers to wear face coverings as the coronavirus crisis rages on around the world.

Even as some countries and U.S. states debate relaxing lockdown orders, the ride-hailing giant is implementing new rules to protect both drivers and customers. The company plans to enforce the new policy using technology that mandates drivers to upload an image of themselves wearing a mask, before they can pick up passengers on the platform.

“Starting on Monday, the next time you open the app things are going to look a little different for both riders and drivers,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told reporters on Wednesday during a webcast. 

Khosrowshahi also announced that Uber had allocated $50 million to provide supplies for driver use, including millions of masks and face coverings and hand sanitizer. Additionally, the company has partnered with Clorox and Unilever to help drivers sanitize

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Lyft to require drivers and riders to wear face masks

Lyft (LYFT) riders and drivers will now have to self-certify that they will wear a mask or face covering if they want to use the ride-sharing service.

The new measure comes as Lyft announces a slew of new safety procedures aimed at protecting drivers and riders from the impact of the coronavirus just as a number of states begin to unwind their lockdown orders.

Lyft’s announcement follows Uber’s (UBER) confirmation of a CNN report that the company will also require drivers and riders to wear face coverings when using the service in the U.S. Uber has said it is also developing a technology that will be able to detect if a driver is wearing a mask.

In addition to Lyft’s mask requirement, drivers will have to keep their cars clean and sanitize their hands frequently, keep windows down when possible, and avoid using recirculated air in their vehicles. Also, passengers

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