Arts, Entertainment Venues Look Forward To Reopening After Pandemic

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Our Collaboratory Commitment pairs teams of Ringling students with native companies to give students a taste of actual-world tasks, expectations, and deadlines. Brooklyn artist Steve Wasterval loves Greenpoint, his New York neighborhood within Art And Entertainment the borough of Brooklyn. He loves it … Read More

More coronavirus cases shouldn’t stop reopening, but ‘wash the hell out of your hands for God’s sake’

Louisiana appears set to face a double whammy of coronavirus outbreaks.

At the beginning of April, as many of its neighbors reported relatively low caseloads, New Orleans and the surrounding areas saw a spike including over 2,700 new cases on April 2 alone.

Now, Louisiana is seeing another surge, though smaller for now. The state reported 1,300 new cases on June 23, while looking at neighbors like Texas and Arkansas which are setting record highs daily.

As of June 25, the state had 52,477 cases in total. “That’s 52- or 53,000 cases too many, of course, but we are a state of 4.6 million people,” said Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s On the Move.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) prior to a Senate hearing in May. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/Pool)

“I think once we opened the economy back up, it was predictable we would have additional cases,”

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Constantine Maroulis on reopening Broadway: ‘We will be back’

The bright lights of Broadway went dark in March because of the Covid-19 pandemic, costing thousands of jobs and more than a billion dollars in lost revenue. 

“We’ve been absolutely decimated by this pandemic,” Broadway star and Tony-nominated actor and producer, Constantine Maroulis, tells Yahoo Finance’s “The First Trade.”

“It’s not just about the actors,” says Maroulis. “There are so many jobs at stake here. It’s about the front of house, stage crew, designers, production, not to mention the thousands of theaters across the country that are affected by this.”

Broadway theaters closed all of its shows March 12, including 16 that were still scheduled to open. The Tony Awards have been postponed indefinitely, and the pandemic-induced shutdown has proven too costly for some shows. Disney’s Broadway production of “Frozen” has already announced it won’t be returning to the stage when theaters reopen. 

Maroulis, who starred in Broadway’s “Rock

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Florida spike raises doubts over reopening strategy; mask debate gets more political

Florida became the focus of rising fears it could become the next U.S. coronavirus hotspot, with surging cases in the West and South leading to increased safety measures, and fanning doubts about nationwide plans to reopen.

Globally cases have surged past 8.5 million, and more than 454,000 have died. In the U.S. nearly 2.2. million cases have been reported, and more than 118,000 are dead. On Friday, the Sunshine State reported a rise in COVID-19 cases of 4.4%, sharply higher than the previous 7-day average of 3.2%.

The relentless climb in domestic cases prompted California’s governor to require mask-wearing in public, while Texas and Arizona recently began to ok enforcing masks in public, amid a spike in new diagnoses in those states.

Meanwhile, the economy has sent mixed signals about the trajectory of a recovery, according to Morgan Stanley data, underscoring volatility in markets hopeful for a “V-shaped” rebound.

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Major companies will be ‘more cautious’ than public officials amid reopening: Fast Company Editor-in-Chief

President Donald Trump and some members of the business community have advocated for a rapid reopening to reverse the economic damage caused by the coronavirus outbreak, but major companies will return cautiously even as public officials remove restrictions — according to Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of the business publication Fast Company.

“Business leaders are going to be much more cautious than public officials when it comes to returning their employees to work,” says Mehta, in a newly released interview, taped on April 27.

“I think leaders of big corporations, particularly those that have the luxury of having workforces that do work remotely already, or have the ability to work remotely, they’re going to really tiptoe into this,” she adds.

“I’m hearing, you know, Christmas, early 2021, before most of their workers come back into offices,” says Mehta, a former business reporter at The Wall Street Journal and executive editor at Fortune.

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