Florida spike raises doubts over reopening strategy; mask debate gets more political

Florida became the focus of rising fears it could become the next U.S. coronavirus hotspot, with surging cases in the West and South leading to increased safety measures, and fanning doubts about nationwide plans to reopen.

Globally cases have surged past 8.5 million, and more than 454,000 have died. In the U.S. nearly 2.2. million cases have been reported, and more than 118,000 are dead. On Friday, the Sunshine State reported a rise in COVID-19 cases of 4.4%, sharply higher than the previous 7-day average of 3.2%.

The relentless climb in domestic cases prompted California’s governor to require mask-wearing in public, while Texas and Arizona recently began to ok enforcing masks in public, amid a spike in new diagnoses in those states.

Meanwhile, the economy has sent mixed signals about the trajectory of a recovery, according to Morgan Stanley data, underscoring volatility in markets hopeful for a “V-shaped” rebound.

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‘Facebook has to get their house in order’ on political ads: Washington attorney general

Washington state is taking a second swipe at Facebook (FB), alleging in a new lawsuit that it has “repeatedly” skirted its responsibility to disclose who’s paying for political ads on the social network. If the claim holds true, the state’s attorney general says stakes for the social media giant will be higher this time around.

“Under Washington state law, if you accept political advertising, you must make information available to the public about who bought the ad, what their address is, how many ads they purchased, and how much it cost,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson told Yahoo Finance on Monday.

“We’ve already gone through this once before,” he added, “and they’re still not complying with our laws.”

According to the new lawsuit, since entering into a $239,500 stipulated judgement with the state in 2018 over similar allegations ranging from 2013 to 2018, Facebook has continued to accept payments and

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Coronavirus crisis gives Trump political boost: Campus Reform editor

More Americans approve of Trump since coronavirus hit the United States than before, according to polling data available on FiveThirtyEight. Currently, Trump’s standing in the national polls is over 45%, an increase from his approval rating in January, before COVID-19 cases were reported in the U.S.

In mid-January just before the coronavirus slammed the U.S., Trump’s approval rating stood at 42.3%.

What’s more, Trump’s disapproval rating has been on the decline.

When coronavirus first appeared in the country, Trump’s disapproval rating was 53%. Currently, it stands at roughly 50%.

The pop in approval represents a turnaround for Trump, whose popularity has been on the decline since he was elected to office. When he first became president in January 2017, his approval rating numbers were over 45%. 

But very quickly, those numbers sank. 

The figures might also help Trump in November as the electorate focuses their attention on the coronavirus

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