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With our best-promoting course Begin-a-Business 101. Greater than a hundred and fifty business and nonprofit groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are asking Mr. Trump to withdraw an govt order he issued in September that limits training on racial and gender biases. Raymond J. McGuire, one of the highest-rating and longest-serving Black executives on Wall Street, is leaving his job at Citigroup to run for mayor of New York Metropolis And as the clock runs out on a Brexit deal — for actual this time — Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain is running out of choices before his finish-of-the-year deadline.

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This week in Trumponomics: America’s most unpopular leader

Americans appreciate the leaders they see guiding the nation through the coronavirus crisis. President Trump isn’t one of them.

A large new survey from Northeastern, Rutgers and Harvard universities finds that in each of the 50 states, people rate their governor’s handling of the crisis higher than they rate Trump’s. The average approval for governors is 66%, 22 points higher than Trump’s 44% approval.

There’s reelection trouble for Trump in these numbers. Trump severely underperforms governors in six swing states likely to determine the presidential winner in November’s elections. Trump trails the governor by 32 points in Ohio, 27 points in Michigan, 22 points in Pennsylvania, 19 points in Wisconsin, 16 points in North Carolina and 5 points in Florida. Four of those six—Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina—have Democratic governors, which means voters there favor the Dems’ strategy over Trump’s Republican approach.

Trump has declared the federal government a

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What it takes to be a leader during the coronavirus crisis

Running a big company is never easy.

Spend too much on R&D and investors scream for not buying back stock. Do a massive share repo and people say you should be investing in the business. (Sometimes the same people complain about both.)

But that’s all piddly stuff now.

Today, CEOs are making decisions about whether people can put food on the table. About whether people get horribly sick. Or even die. 

This is a time for leaders to be measured and defined. Did you step up? Or did you step down? Here’s some of the calculus: 

Start with employees. CEOs need to keep them safe. But some of them have to go to work. They probably should be paid more. Others can work from home, and you need to try not to lay them off. Maybe cut their pay, but keep ‘em on the payroll. 

And then you want to

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Ex-Obama official says NY Gov Cuomo has been a ‘fabulous leader’ during coronavirus crisis

Daily press briefings from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on the state’s response to the coronavirus outbreak have drawn national attention for detailed and at-times sobering updates that some have contrasted favorably with daily appearances from President Donald Trump

In a newly released interview, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who served in the Obama administration, praised Cuomo’s management under duress and echoed his call for additional support from the federal government.

“I think Governor Cuomo has been a fabulous leader in a time of crisis,” she says. “He’s been very clear about what he and his experts estimate to be the needs in New York State for hospital beds, for health care workers, for ventilators and protective gear and he is trying to play beat the clock.”

New York has become the U.S. epicenter of the outbreak of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. At a

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Coronavirus response from big companies has been ‘shameful,’ union leader says

Health care workers tend to patients at the drive-in center at ProHealth Care on March 18, 2020 in Jericho, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Wealthy companies, not just the U.S. government, should be held accountable for providing coronavirus relief — the Service Employees International Union, one of the nation’s largest labor unions, said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, as the Trump administration and Texture Spray Machine Congress weighed coronavirus relief measures that aim to soften the blow to the U.S. economy and provide assistance for everyday Americans, the Service Employees International Union — or SEIU — assailed financial support sought by large companies since the outbreak and demanded corporations play a central role in ensuring Americans can meet their healthcare and financial needs, while remaining safe on the job.

“It’s not the responsibility of government and taxpayers alone to respond to this crisis,” said Mary Kay Henry, the president

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