Invest in anti-racism for long-term and not just as a ‘one time spike’

Vast amounts of donations have poured into organizations supportive of anti-racism efforts in the wake of George Floyd’s death, a push that one nonprofit executive called on companies and citizens to sustain for the long-term.

Like many charities dedicated to racial equality, Higher Heights for America has seen a surge in funding. In the last two weeks, the organization dedicated to expanding and supporting Black female leadership in public offices saw a spike of 15,000 donations — about 10 times more than usual, the group told Yahoo Finance recently. 

“We’ve seen an overwhelming interest from Americans to imagine a democracy that we can all believe in,” Higher Heights for America CEO & President Glynda C. Carr told “The Ticker” recently.

Although Higher Heights hasn’t done a complete analysis of the donation demographics, Carr stated the contributions are coming from “a diverse pool of individuals.” 

The organization saw a spike in

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‘This is a wonderful time to invest:’ market strategist

Investors going long may find the best opportunities in technology and ‘serendipity’ stocks, says strategist James McDonald, CEO of Hercules Investments. 

“This is a wonderful time to invest,” McDonald told Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade. “Right now, the leaders in the S&P 500 (^GSCP) are no longer oil companies and big industrial companies. They are tech companies are sitting on hoards of cash.”

The market’s recent rally off the March 23 lows has been fueled largely by mega-cap tech stocks.

“Not only does it look wonderful, but they have the economic power to survive whatever happens with this market sell off. So if you want to buy, you gotta do tech,” had added. 

“There’s a concept called serendipity, right? No one saw this virus coming, but there’s companies positioned to take advantage of it,” said McDonald.

He noted that companies like Walmart (WMT) and Netflix (NFLX) have been able to

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Private equity firm raises millions to invest in health and wellness

Investors are putting millions of dollars into opportunities focused around healthy foods and a transparent supply chain as consumers demand more plant-based and organic foods.

Gabrielle “Ellie” Rubenstein, CEO and co-founder of Manna Tree Partners, tells Yahoo Finance her healthy-living investment firm has raised $141.5 million for its fund focused on investments she said are in support of the “health of the supply chain.”

“We have to be able to verify the entire supply chain from farm to fork before we would invest in a company. So the transparent supply chain of the food you are eating is what we invest in,” Rubenstein said.

The private-equity firm currently invests in four companies, ranging from those that create ingredients for plant-based foods to those that produce organic beef.

“Trends are equally rising, both an increase in plant-based and an increase in natural or organic food,
such as pasture-raised eggs

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How to invest when the coronavirus pandemic and Trump send the Dow crashing: experts

The stock market has been obliterated. And indeed there is enough blame to go around.

One could blame the growing coronavirus pandemic and China’s failed containment measure. Blame could be thrown to an impotent response by the Trump administration. You could even cast some shade at the Federal Reserve for not pulling out the bazooka to clobber the rapidly spreading risk asset selloff.

This week alone, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has shed more than 4,000 points and is now in bear market. The S&P 500 is in bear market after a disastrous Friday session. India’s Sensex is in bear market. The MSCI All Country World Index is in bear market. Perceived safe-haven stocks such as Pfizer, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Apple, American Express and JPMorgan continued to be dumped hand over fist by freaked out investors.

The fact is the bear market is here — it’s alive and hungry to eat

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100 Methods To Save Money AND Invest Much less

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