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After he averaged 20.1 factors a game for FMU in , officially his sophomore season, word got round to Browning. There were colleges out there – Division I colleges – who were fascinated. Friends, foes, even some Finance of his teammates, had gone that route. This course covers the aspects of owning and investing in actual estate. The course examines the bundle of rights associated with actual estate and the transfer of those rights.

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Most states require CPAs to take continuing schooling to maintain their licenses. Actuaries may specialize in specific types of insurance coverage or fields such as medical health insurance, life insurance coverage, property and casualty insurance Business & Finance, pension or retirement advantages actuaries. Sometimes actuaries are called upon to testify earlier than public agencies on proposed laws affecting their business. Certification by way of the SOA requires passing a series of five exams, plus seminars … Read More

The rise of online college courses could ‘exacerbate’ inequality: ex-Amherst president

The novel coronavirus has drawn scrutiny to social divisions in the U.S., where low-wage workers expose themselves to the virus while white-collar workers stay home and black and Latino Americans die at a higher rate than their white counterparts.

But the disparate impact may be especially pronounced in higher education as a shift toward digital learning could tempt less expensive or public colleges to permanently use online education as a means of cutting costs, said Tony Marx, CEO of the New York Public Library and former president of Amherst College. Meanwhile, students who can afford wealthy private colleges like Harvard will continue to receive a better in-person education.

“The Harvards of the world, well-endowed, they’ll say that they’ll be protected by their wealth by their supporters,” says Marx, who taught at Columbia University for over a decade prior to taking over at Amherst College.


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Online learning platform offers free courses to coronavirus-affected universities

As universities scramble to shift their curriculums online because of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, online learning platform Coursera is helping to accelerate the transition.

The Mountain View-based company is granting free access to its extensive course catalogue to higher learning institutions around the world.

“When [the coronavirus] broke out more broadly, we started getting requests, both from partner universities who work with Coursera, as well as other colleges and universities and governments saying, you know, we expected to evolve and offer online education over the next few years, but now we need to figure out how to do it over the next few months,” Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda told Yahoo Finance. “It’s really just a way to pitch in to try and help universities to get more continuity in their services.”

Coursera is offering every university affected by the outbreak, free access to their catalogue through “Coursera for

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