Here’s how ordering food at a restaurant may look different after the coronavirus: Panera Bread founder

Starbucks gets a lot of the attention for creating a dependable mobile ordering experience, but it was really Panera Bread founder Ron Shaich that trailblazed a path for the use of technology for ordering fast food (well that and the use of “clean” ingredients).

It was back in 2016 where Shaich as Panera CEO led the introduction of tablets into his restaurants to speed up orders while also developing a highly personalized mobile ordering app. Dubbed Panera 2.0, it proved to be a major sales and efficiency driver for the restaurant chain. Others such as McDonald’s quickly followed.

Shaich ended up selling Panera Bread to food conglomerate JAB Holdings for a cool $7.5 billion in 2017.

Now, Shaich — who is managing partner of Act III Holdings which owns stakes in upstart restaurants such as Cava, Zoe’s Kitchen, Tatte and Life Alive — says ordering food from restaurant

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