Whirlpool sees coronavirus boost as people rediscover baking, CEO says

As most U.S. citizens follow strict stay-at-home mandates amid the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are starting to embrace their inner chef.

And according to Whirlpool Corporation (WHR), which beat Wall Street’s expectations in the first quarter, it means one product in particular is getting a decisive boost.

“Stand mixers actually have probably, right now, the strongest sales growth of all our products,” Marc Bitzer, Whirlpool’s CEO told Yahoo Finance in an interview on Friday, explaining how the pop in sales was icing on the proverbial cake for the appliance giant.

“And not just baking. I mean, as you know, you can use a stand mixer for many other things,” Bitzer told The First Trade. “All of a sudden, people are baking again,” he added, admitting that the sales surge took the company by surprise.

“We, at the outset of the crisis, we weren’t quite sure what stand mixers would do throughout

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How coronavirus lockdowns have turned baking into ‘the new baseball’

Move over, baseball, there’s a new game in town. 

As the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic keep U.S. sports and entertainment venues shuttered and millions of Americans at home, baking is having its moment.

“Baking is the new baseball,”King Arthur Flour co-CEO Karen Colberg told Yahoo Finance. ”It’s become a national pastime.”

As countless new homebodies rediscover the therapeutic joys of cooking, Colberg explained that “people are baking a lot. Initially, you’re thinking people are pantry-loading; they’re kind of fearful, not sure what’s going to come. But we’re seeing a lot of baking happening too.”

The numbers tell it all: In the United States, for the week ending April 12, sales of yeast were up more than 300 percent from an average week in 2019, according to market research firm Nielsen.

In that same week, sales of baking cocoa and parchment paper had roughly doubled. In France — the

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