Finland is a country where 75% of the area is the forest, and folks pull in sizes in the summertime to the countryside. Predictably, ecotourism in this land has started so swiftly and unwaveringly. Traditional fields are reopening their entrances to guests across the globe, and their healthful meal can be eaten or simply nipped while following lambs nibbling in a green field.  Lomarengas provides you rental shanties, suites, and villas in various destinations with magnificent shores. This holiday broker gives you choices extending from fabulous southerly lakeside cabins to northerly ski cabins.

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Best destination in the Finnish countryside

  • Fallkulla farm

A charm presentation to the countryside is touring the Fallkulla Farm, which is on the periphery of Helsinki. This is a famous holiday destination among households. This is a barnyard animal farm, and here you can get yourself known with common tamed animals such as horses, goats, sheep, cows, rabbits, and pigs. Several animals on the farm are of a popular collection that is indigenous to Finland.

  • Haltiala farm

Haltiala farm is also on the boundary of Helsinki and grows sunflowers and beans in some areas and in July-August, guests are embraced to collect them. This farm also offers a chance for guests to familiarize themselves with domesticated animals. After caressing a lamb or several rabbits, guests craving horse riding go to the Fagur barns where they can find popular Icelandic stallions. The barns are barely a few kilometers from Helsinki and are effortlessly available by rapid transit. The Haltiala are like parts of the countryside of Finland but inside town limits.

  • Iloranta farm

This is a former farm that has presented the patrons’ great regard for almost decades. The farm is connected to its consumers’ requirements for whole periods, to be capable of accommodating contemporary service. It is found in the trustworthy farmland, in the center of woodlands and gardens, by Iso-Roinevesi (a freshwater lake). It gives healthful welfare for the consumers; stunning landscape, tranquil farmland, regionally produced and home-cooked food, sauna & bathing, and diversity of diverse fun pursuits. 

  • Lomamokkila

It is found in the astonishing lake area of Saimaa. This farm is a few minutes drive away from Savonlinna which entertains the popular seasonal Opera Festival causing this destiny to be an entire situation for a vacation in the town of Savonlinna. Two public parks and a public picturesque region are a half-hour drive away from this farm. Visitors can see ranch animals, fryers, puppies, and cows, in their original habitat


The trip into archetypical Finland makes eco-tourists experience gardening, boating, horse riding, and organic food on their table in the countryside farms. These farms offer several activities in the natural habitat and make visitors get delighted with these experiences.