Pros and Cons of Bail Bonds

LIke Lackawanna County bail bonds despite the importance of bail bonds, the system is not without its problems. Many people, especially those with low incomes, are forced to bail out a friend or family member, often choosing between paying rent and paying bail. Others suffer from social control by bail bond companies, resulting in harassment and potential reintegration into unhealthy relationships. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, but it is advisable to research the pros and cons of bail bonds and choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

Unsecured bail bonds

Although the vast majority of defendants are released on their own recognizance, unsecured bail bonds are essential. If you are unable to post bail within the required time, you can end up being in jail until trial. Besides, unsecured bail creates a further disincentive to show up to court and pay off the bail amount. Failure to appear in court may result in a charge of bail jumping or contempt of court.

An unsecured bond is not backed by collateral and is issued by a judge who believes the defendant will return to court. Rather than relying on collateral, an unsecured bond is a promise to return to court on a set date. However, a failure to appear in court is still a crime. Partially secured bail bonds

Typically, a partially secured bond is ten percent of the full bond amount, with the remaining ninety percent left unsecured. The bond amount must be ten times the amount of the insurance company’s bail bond. A guarantor must sign off on the bond and swear that the information is true. Having some form of collateral before signing the bond is a good idea.

Another important benefit of using partially secured bail bonds is their flexibility. Most agencies are accessible twenty-four hours a day, allowing them to respond quickly to any question or concern. If you’re considering paying your bail with a credit card, check out several agencies before making the final decision. Be sure to research the company’s reputation. Check the Better Business Bureau for consumer reviews of different companies.

Cash bail

Many states have adopted a policy that bans cash bail and requires the use of a commercial bond. The U.S. is one of two nations worldwide that allows private bail companies to profit from an individual’s inability to pay for their freedom. However, the California bill has left criminal justice advocates unconvinced. The bill goes into effect in October 2019 and critics are worried that judges will use it as an excuse to keep people in jail before a trial.

Research has shown that incarcerated people face an increased risk of developing chronic illness and mental health issues. Prisons do not provide adequate care, and Black prisoners have disproportionately high rates of illness. This is partly because of environmental and medical racism. Once released, people face even more obstacles. Not only do they lose their jobs, but they are also denied housing and opportunities. Even a small amount of time spent in jail can leave a person with a criminal record.

Restraining orders

There are several reasons why a court might issue a restraining order. Some of these are elder abuse, post-secondary student mistreatment, or threats against a person’s safety. Sometimes, a person can even be deemed too dangerous to have a gun. However, most people wait until the situation is out of control before contacting authorities. While waiting for help may seem like a good idea, obtaining evidence from the person threatening you will strengthen your case. Typically, a restraining order is issued when there is a threat of immediate harm to one’s health or safety. Qualifying evidence can include screenshots of threatening text messages.

Restraining orders are legal documents restricting certain actions by the person accused of committing a crime. These orders are meant to protect the victim and prevent them from retaliating. They are usually issued for a brief period, but if a victim cannot prove that the danger is imminent, she or he can seek an extension in court. Bail bonds are a great option for those whose lives have been affected by a crime.


If you’re facing jail time before your trial, you may be wondering about the importance of bail bonds. In Kentucky, for instance, more low-risk defendants are being released on house arrest without any type of bond. This has reduced crime, though a curfew is necessary for public safety. The defendant will likely have to undergo drug testing and rehab before being released on house arrest. If he fails to meet these terms, he may be re-arrested, and the bail amount could be increased.

Discounts for bail bond agents

Discounts for bail bond agents can help you save money while securing bail for someone you know. The best way to get a discount on bail is to use a credit card. While the fee is a little higher, the convenience and speed of credit card processing will save you a lot of money. Also, credit card processing is convenient for the defendant and the bail bondsman. So, if you are a military member, ask about the military discount when you make your next bail payment.

It is common to find advertisements for bail bond companies that claim they offer discounted rates. While these are true, the fact is that you can get discounted rates if you put down a deposit or payment on a payment plan. However, these discounts only work if you are willing to pay ten to fifteen percent of the bail amount. Bail bond companies charge different percentages, and some charge less. If you find a bail bond company that offers cheaper rates, be aware that they are breaking the law and could face arrest and massive fines.