Nigerian Online Scams Hurt International Business and Investment in the Country

Nigerian Online Scams Hurt International Business and Investment in the Country

Every emerging third-world nation needs help in getting their products to world markets. They also need investment capitalization dollars coming into the nation so they can increase their business endeavors and grow their economies. Indeed, there are huge risk issues when investing in foreign emerging markets, but there is also the potential for huge rewards and profit too. One nation on the World Map of emerging nations is Nigeria. It is an oil rich country and has a lot going for it.

Nigeria also has a bad stigma due to the email scams and international banking wire transfer fraud coming from criminal elements from within their nation. What is so unfortunate is that many business people in the United States and elsewhere have been introduced to the nation of Nigeria through these emails fraud phishing scams. Now, it is very unlikely that US Businesses will be willing to invest in Nigeria or take on Nigerian Business Partners.

Therefore, the country of Nigeria has developed a horrible reputation in the world and this is going to affect their future growth. Trust is critical when working with overseas business vendors or partners, without it the business investment monetary flows slow to a trickle and this hurts the future potential. One question on many people’s minds in considering this issue is: Will Nigerian economic development and Public Relations Teams be able to mind the fence and restore faith and trust in that country?

Would you trust someone from Nigeria as a vendor for your company? Would you trust someone who told you they were a Nigeria Official that wanted to offer you an investment opportunity? Think about that, see the problem there?

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