Low risk to high-risk investments you can opt for in 2020

What coronavirus means for pensions and investments – Which? NewsOne of our major concerns, when we want to invest, is that we want to invest in something that will be lucrative and profitable enough. We want to be sure about the safety of the investment to avoid losing our money and the time we have put into the investment. Most people also prefer an investment that will take a very little part of their time. Like secured & guaranteed investment, it’s also important to process your business transaction with smartly & safely. To override your confusion, Host Merchant Services provide the most prioritized & prominent solution that you ever experienced.

Low-risk investments you can opt for in 2020
Some of the low-risk investments you can opt for in 2020 are discussed subsequently.

Real estate
Real estate entails buying and building properties to make a profit out of them. Hence, you might want to buy land and build a property or buy a property. Once the property is ready, you might want to rent them out, sell them immediately or sell them at a later time. The good thing about real estate is that the need for it is always there and that in most areas, the prices of land and buildings always appreciate. Thus, real estate can be regarded as a low-risk investment. All you have to do is buy land in the right environment. You might want to manage the properties yourself or have someone manage the properties for you.

Bitcoin has up till 2020, proven to be a very reliable investment. Those that invested as little as 20 dollars on Bitcoin between 2009 and 2011 and were able to keep it till after 2017 can boast of over 10,000 per cent increase in the value of their bitcoin. While another 10,000 per cent increase in value might not be feasible in the next 10 years, it is not impossible. Even if it doesn’t happen, there are chances of over 100 per cent increase in value within the next 5 to 10 years. Part of the reasons why people are still talking about Bitcoin is because should countries and reputable organizations endorse bitcoin, there might even be yet another more than 10,000 per cent increase.

Mid-risk investment
Some investments whose risk are somewhere between low and high, implying they are not low and they are not high are discussed subsequently.

Forex has proven to be another investment that has been worth it for those that have been able to get the hang of it. You can also look for reputable platforms that can help you do the trading and pay back an agreed profit or the profit made after removing their charges. With this, you would not need to be involved as you only need to provide the capital and the reputable professionals will do the forex trading for you.

Starting a business
If you have time, you can start a business. All you have to do is look for a problem that your capital can solve and start solving it. Your business might require a little time but with the right knowledge, tools, staffs, and consistency, you should be able to build your business to a great height that you would be proud of.

Peer to peer loans
Peer to peer loans, especially those without collaterals is also very risky. You might want to look for reputable platforms to provide such loans. However, some factors could affect the payment of the loan such as the debtor going bankrupt, extremely ill or dying. It might become impossible recovering the capital and interest.

High-risk investments
The major reason why high-risk investments are considered by people is that the results if it will be positive are often instant and very profitable. However, the chances of being successful are very low. Some high-risk investments you might want to consider are discussed subsequently.

Gambling is a very risky and lucrative business. If you get it right once, you can instantly recover what you have lost over 10 years. This promise could have you lose everything you are working for and everything you have worked for without earning anything. There are various types of gambling including those done at casinos and sports betting. Some allow you to compete with someone else and the winner takes the money. For there to be a winner, it means there is a loser and it could be you. It is often advisable to only gamble with money that you are willing to lose. However, you can take the slow and steady option with sports betting or some other forms of gambling that will significantly increase your chances of being successful. 

Investing in a new company
When a new company is founded or a new product is developed, there are chances that they could be successful and also chances that they could die off. At that point of starting, the chances of succeeding are often rated as very low. This is why the share price or amount needed to invest in new businesses are often low. Should the business become successful, your money will be worth over 1000 per cent by then and should it fail, it would be worth nothing.