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One of the most cost-effective ways to promote your family law firm is through business listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Each of the three search engines has been catering to small businesses in recent years by offering free online profiles that can be filled out with contact information, photos, and descriptions. For small family law practices on a tight budget, these listings offer an excellent way to increase visibility.

Make the Most of Your Business Listings

While these profiles are easy to fill out, you’ll experience better results by optimizing them properly. More specifically, your business could be listed among the “maps results” that search engines place at the top of search results page.

Having your family law firm business profile appear in the map on the front page of common search results may require a dedicated maps optimization plan. Here are some steps that may increase the visibility of your maps listings:

Having reviews within your business profile increases the chances it will rank highly. But be careful: These reviews must be authentic, and must be written over time. Otherwise, both search engines and humans will detect they’re not real and you’ll lose credibility with both.

The mapping services also pick up reviews written on other sites, including Citysearch and Insiderpages, and include them in the profiles. So remember that positive or negative reviews around the web can be part of your Google profile, too.

Don’t worry if you have one or some negative reviews, as this is inevitable for many law firms and businesses.

Include visual components in your listing, such as photos of your Car Accident Attorney Kansas City and your law firm’s logo.

Take advantage of the opportunity to describe your firm within these listings, but don’t use the exact same wording as your website or other online profile. Instead, create a new description of your firm, its credentials, and the services you offer.

Incorporate keywords that correspond with what you offer and common search phrases, based on keyword research.

As best as you can, make sure your business name and address is the same across all your business profiles, including ones not offered by search engines. This is especially tricky when another business recently occupied your location, or you’ve moved.

An Excellent Opportunity for Family Law Practices

Search engine map listings are a no-cost option for family law and divorce attorneys to reach new audiences. And a smart local maps campaign can make the listing all the more visible.