How To Maintain Your New Conservatory

Finally! Your home conservatory is built and ready for use. You know all the benefits a sun parlour has to offer, and you can’t wait to enjoy this new feature in your home. You live in an area that gets ample sunlight, and there is a lot of opportunities to enjoy the conservatory, whether by cozying up in a seat and relaxing or entertaining guests.

However, you should be mindful of the need to keep your home conservatory safe and feeling, and looking great; you have to dedicate time and money for the maintenanceUPVC utility board. In this read, we will explore the bet conservatory maintenance tips that you should have in mind if you have a home conservatory.

Ventilation Is Critical

Ventilation is the number one element that helps to keep your conservatory in pristine condition. Ventilation is critical for two main goals:

– To keep the space at the right temperature. Ventilation takes advantage of wind and drafts to achieve this goal.
Ventilation also reduces condensation on the glass. Condensation can ruin the aesthetics of the conservatory.

With this in mind, you should open the windows and doors regularly to aerate the room. Additionally, you should consider using trickling vents to aerate space if the option of opening the doors and windows is not available.


Another important part of maintaining your conservatory is to maintain the seals. Apply mastic sealing around the sections that have openings or cracks, exposing the conservatory to the outdoor environment. Sealing your conservatory prevents the pests that lurk outside from gaining access to your conservatory. Additionally, by sealing all cracks and opening, you ensure space inside the conservatory can retain its heat during the colder seasons.

A golden tip to keep in mind is to avoid using pressure washing while cleaning your conservatory. The higher pressure water might dislodge the sealant, destroying the integrity of the seals.

Maintaining The Windows

The windows in your conservatory influence the aesthetics of the entire space quite significantly. As such, keeping your greenhouse looking good means following the golden tips is your window maintenance routine.

Once a week, wipe the windows with a wet cloth. Once every two months, thoroughly clean the windows using a squeegee, soft sponge, and window cleaning products.

Since you should use double glazed windows in your conservatory, they should be easier to clean and maintain. However, they still need some cleaning regularly over time.

Lubricate The Hinges

Remember to maintain the hinges as well. Ensure all the metal parts in the conservatory are well lubricated. In the case of metal hinges, use oil-based lubrication.

For plastic runners or hinges on your windows, aerosol-based spray lubrication is a better option for those hinges as it negates the gum up typical of using oil-based products.

Make Your Home Conservatory Maintenance Easy

With this guide, you can make your conservatory maintenance easier. There is no reason for your home conservatory to run down in both function and appearance. Keeping your greenhouse aesthetically pleasing and working correctly.

If you do not have double-glazed windows yet and you are looking to improve the temperature control and make it easier to maintain your conservatory, give us a call!