HOMER looks to aid in online learning amid school closures

As more parents are turning to online learning amid school closures, online learning platform HOMER is looking to help families adjust to this new normal.

“We’re really in the mission of serving families,” HOMER Co-Founder and President Stephanie Dua told On the Move this week.

HOMER offers personalized learn-to-read plans and interactive stories for kids ages 2 to 8, aiming to fuel their reading ability, and aid in phonics, sight words, and ABCs.

“We’ve seen a 300% increase in signups and almost a 500% increase in engagement in terms of daily use,” Dua highlights.

She explains that building HOMER was about “taking something that worked really well in a classroom, or even in a school, and thinking about, ‘how could you take that and spread that great learning all over the United States?’ And that was really the power of technology.”

“Technology has an opportunity for great learning resources to families all over,” says HOMER Co-Founder and President Stephanie Dua.

‘What does this kid need?’

“One of the great powers of this technology, and really of ed-tech in general, is that we can get down to the child level and think about, ‘what does this kid need, and how do we personalize their learning?’” Dua explains.

She points out that amid this crisis, “Technology has an opportunity for great learning resources to families all over,” but stresses that in order for it to have a true impact, we must “close that divide” between those who may not have access to technology and those who do.

“It’s a problem that didn’t really come to light in this way, this starkly, until now,” she adds.

“No one institution can solve that alone,” she continues.

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