Home Tutor Franchise Business

Home Tutor Franchise Business

With 25% of parents making use of a home tutor for their children at some point during their education, home tutoring is a growth business. It is an industry estimated to be worth some £6 billion per annum.

Home tuition can be delivered in small groups, but is often a one to one service. The benefit of the one to one service is that the student receives intense support and at a level that is appropriate to the individual. It can help students to catch up, but it can also help the most able students to make additional progress. For adults it can also provide education and skills that may have been missed during earlier years.

So why has the home tutor sector experienced such growth in recent times? Why are so many parents choosing to spend money to supplement their child’s statutory education provision?

The job market is undoubtedly very competitive. Businesses and organisations have a rich market of job seekers to choose from. Long gone are the days when one can simply walk into a profession. The best prepared candidates are best placed to get the better jobs.

Parents know this and in wanting the best for their own children they seek to expand opportunities available to them. That is a major reason we believe there has been such huge growth in home tutoring.

In addition to this is the market for adult tuition in English and other basic skills, but also general interests. Education for many does not stop on reaching adulthood. There is a continual need and demand for ongoing learning and this provides a whole new area of growth to target.

So the demand is there, but how has the sector responded to the demand? The franchise sector has seen a growth in the number of businesses offering opportunities for both group tuition business models and one to one tuition models.

The franchising way into business is particularly useful for those who have never been in business before and want a fast track route. Often a new business will go through a huge learning curve in the first couple of years. By joining a franchise you miss out on that time-consuming and expensive learning curve and learn how to build the business quickly with a tried and tested blueprint.

Combining a growth sector with a franchising route into business makes a home tutor franchise business a terrific proposition.

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