Coastal Vacations – Legit Business Opportunity?

Is Coastal Vacations a reputable company and business opportunity that you could make some serious money with? You will need to make your own decision on a personal level once you know the facts. There are various businesses on the internet. Some are great and some, not so great.

In order to become a level one director with Coastal Vacations you will need to purchase a package yourself at $1295 and pass up two sales to your sponsor. These two pass ups will be giving your sponsor $1000 for each sale. Coastal Vacations calls these first two pass up sales training sales. Once you pass up the two sales, then you keep the rest of your personal sales. This is called a 2 up compensation plan because you are passing up the first two sales you make.

In my opinion this is a major flaw with the Coastal Vacation compensation plan for two reasons.

#1. It is very easy for a new affiliate to become discouraged after giving up $2000 in hard earned commissions to their sponsors.

#2. With this compensation plan there is no motivation for your sponsor to continue with your training once they have your first two commissions in their pockets. Your will be stone cold on your own trying to figure out how to market the product and the opportunity.

Starting your own home business is a learning process. Getting the right training with the right mentor will be one of the most important keys to your success. Who do you think your sponsor will work with, someone who they are still going to be earning commissions on or someone who they will never earn another commission on, ever?

Is Coastal Vacations a good company? I think so, but in my opinion there are better companies out there with superior products and superior compensation plans. Whatever business you decide to go with, be sure there is an abundance of training. You want to make sure you are able to contact your sponsor directly. You don’t want to get stuck with talking with your sponsors’ partners or secretaries. This only slows down your success.

Most people fail because they don’t follow a scientific proven plan to get the results they are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are building a Coastal Vacations business or another home business, you will only be successful if you take action and soak up the knowledge from the training that is provided. That is the true key to success.

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