Calling a Presidential Election With Only 5% of the California Votes Counted?

Every American citizen in every state likes to think that their state is one of the best, or the most important. Indeed, all states are important in the United States because we are a nation made of states, and they are to retain the power. There wasn’t to be a strong centralized government, that’s not how it was set up. As a Californian, I do realize that we have the largest population, and we have a huge number of electoral votes. California has 55-electoral votes. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

As I sat in my living room and watched the 2012 presidential election results come in on November 6, I realized that our polls here had only been closed for one hour, and news commentators were already starting to call this election, telling us it was all over and that President Barack Obama was going to win. That may well have been the case, however at the time only 5% of the votes in California had been counted, only 5%, none of the big cities, and very few larger suburban areas. A good portion of all this happened to be a few counties that had already counted the absentee ballots.

It seems rather disingenuous and unfair to voters that the cable TV networks would already be calling the election, assuming that President Barack Obama was going to get reelected merely because the state is predominantly dominated by Democrats. You see, I live in a rather conservative area, I don’t choose to live around left-leaning socialists. Not everyone out in California is a Democrat. It turns out that almost 35 – 40% are Republicans now, or consider themselves libertarian and sometimes end up mixing up their ballot, voting for some Democrats, some libertarians, and some Republicans.

By calling the election before the California election results had been counted more than 50% is totally unfair. It makes Californians think as if their ballots don’t count. Yes, I realize there is a three-hour time delay from the East Coast, and the cable TV people who work in New York City wish to go home and sleep off a long day’s work. Nevertheless, that’s ridiculous, considering we’ve spent two years deciding if President Barack Obama should be fired, or allowed to serve four more years. There’s no reason to cut everything short at the last minute.

No one should call the election until it is over, and you must also realize that Hawaii adds another couple of hours to the time zones. What about them? Are all of their votes just an afterthought? How would you feel? As a Californian, which voted a straight Republican ticket this time because I’m sick and tired of socialism, I am completely appalled, offended, and also worried that no one else cares. If we stop caring about the individual voter, we have already gone off the cliff of socialism. We must respect each and every vote.

We aren’t doing that anymore, and we are just honoring everything that we stand for in this great nation. Of course, one could say if we keep voting socialist type leaders into power, we don’t have a great nation anymore anyway. So maybe this entire article and my entire premise no longer matters either. Nevertheless, since you do agree with me, not perhaps my political persuasion, but the fact that we don’t count all the votes before we decide who won, don’t you think we should get this changed? At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presedinte Romania Election held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of Romanian people in the next 10 years.