A Brief History of Mobile Laundry Trailers

Robert Lilley and Co. built the first mobile laundry in 1941, but there was a problem with the supply of trailers. Lilleys obtained some machinery trailers that had to be stripped and converted into laundry trailers. The converted trailers arrived in late April 1942. Despite a shortage of space, Lilleys were soon up and running and making money for the military. The mobile laundry was a hit!

Portable showers

Using portable showers in mobile laundry trailers is a great way to bring hygiene to remote locations. Portable showers are highly functional units that can be set up in a few minutes. They also provide the convenience of a conventional shower and heat and air conditioning. Portable showers are a great way to provide essential sanitation services to your community without leaving your neighborhood.

A portable laundry trailer is an excellent solution to the sanitation problem at outdoor events, construction sites, and disaster relief locations. Shower trailers are also convenient for grocery stores because they provide employees with a safe way to shower before going home. Having clean clothes is an essential part of every person’s day-to-day life, so it’s no wonder why more businesses and individuals are using these trailers. In addition, if you’re planning a long-term event where workers must wear clean uniforms for safety and cleanliness, you can rent a mobile shower trailer that’s easily portable to wherever you need to go.

Portable laundry trailers

The portable laundry trailer was first used by construction crews, as lavatories and toilets were rarely available on site. In addition, these units were handy for disaster relief, as workers often had to stay on the job for several days. Therefore, portable laundry trailers were a necessity for these events.

In the early days of the portable laundry trailer, the dryer was powered by a direct-fired oil burner, which provided both hot water and steam for the wash cycle. In addition, it heated the air-exchanger when it wasn’t fully operational. The entire system was mounted on a single flatbed trailer, and initial trials were conducted in January and February 1943. The basic design of this trailer was sturdy, and it was easy to disengage the engine when the load got too big.

Portable laundries

Mobile laundromats are a great way to relieve those in need of clean clothes. The trailers are equipped with four washing machines and four dryers and are on the move each day. In addition, the nonprofit TCAA operates a program that helps homeless people clean their clothes for free. The program has already been a success, said Deborah Arteaga, the TCAA community agency executive director.

Portable laundry trailers were used only in disaster relief situations and construction sites. Nevertheless, they have become a popular mobile service for construction workers. Because the sites usually lack indoor restrooms, portable units are necessary. In addition, some construction workers may be required to stay on a job site for days. This makes portable units especially helpful in this type of time-sensitive work. These units are also useful for businesses that need to ensure that their employees are clean at the beginning of their shifts.