5 Twitter Tools You Can Use To Delete Your Tweets In Bulk

5 Twitter Tools You Can Use To Delete Your Tweets In Bulk

Twitter has grown to be one of the most widely used and popular platforms for exchanging ideas, opinions, memories, and photos. Twitter is enjoyable to use, especially if you are new to the platform.

You get to interact with the most popular celebrities, receive global updates, communicate with other people with similar interests, and so on. You can also get in touch with your followers upon their feedback or reply to posts of the users that you are following. Interacting with people is vital to boosting your engagement but this must be within certain boundaries.

With the growth of social media platforms, some people easily try, judge, and lynch others while sitting in their chairs. However, commenting, arguing, or protesting on Twitter is not completely unreciprocated. All the things you have posted on Twitter linger on this social media platform until you delete your tweets, likes, or retweets.

As a result, you may be subject to hostile comments, cyberbullying, or lynching because of what you shared ten years ago, maybe when you were young. This situation will go bitter, particularly if you are a politician or an employee when your previous tweets start to bite you. This may end up with the termination of your political career or a well-paid job.

Besides, you may want to cleanse your tweeting history full of weird or moaning tweets from the distressed teenage times. Of course, Twitter lets you delete your old tweets, but you need to scroll through your previous tweets to find the ones you want to delete among thousands.

Furthermore, you have to do this manually and one by one. This will remove your tweets and likes, but it will not be easy for you to complete it, especially when using the same account for years.

This manual effort takes a lot of time. Therefore,  you can save your precious time by using Twitter Management tools. They are quick, efficient, and smart enough to do the job automatically.