5 New Upcoming TV Shows for December 2021

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As the last month of the year approaches, a bunch of new TV shows that you can start watching by yourself or with your family or friends. From the highly-anticipated series that is set to premiere to the beloved TV shows finally making a return to the screens, a whole lot is coming down the pipeline in December 2021.

December is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and you will finally get to spend some time with your loved ones. To help you while you take a break from wrapping presents, writing cards, and shopping you can binge-watch some new TV shows coming out in December.

We have gathered a list of upcoming TV shows to air on cable, broadcast, and streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. The ones airing on different TV networks like ABC or NBC may need you to subscribe to a reliable TV service and for that, you can call on Spectrum TV Customer Service to subscribe to an affordable deal of your choosing. In this article, we’ll talk about the best TV shows airing this December.


  • Under the Vines

The story of this show is based on a lawyer from London, whose life is in shambles, and a socialite from Australia with financial problems, who decides to take a trip to New Zealand. The lawyer assumes that he’s going to make the winery he co-owns profitable and the socialite thinks she’s going to New Zealand to sell the winery she inherited from her step-father. Neither of them knows a single about wine, wineries, or working hard. The show is said to air on December 6 with the first two episodes and from there on, there will be weekly outings every Monday.


  • Abbott Elementary

This is an upcoming sitcom based on a mother, who is a teacher in the Philadelphia public school system. The show is hilarious but there are some grey layers in the show as it exhibits the inequality that is prevalent in our public education system. The show will air on December 7th on ABC and is among the most anticipated TV shows of December.


  • Emily in Paris — Season 2

Season one of this show became widely popular and was loved by many. This season will pick up from right where season one was left off. Emily got together with her new best friend Camille, and ex-boyfriend, Gabriel. In the first few episodes, Emily would be seen struggling with her conscience as she tries to maintain her friendship with Camille. But of course, one thing is for sure that you can expect to see the beautiful Paris skyline and extravagantly colorful clothes this season as well. This season is set to air on December, 22nd on Netflix.


  • The Witcher — Season 2

Finally, after two whole years, season 2 of The Witcher will be streaming on Netflix on December 17th. The events of the Battle of Sodden have taken place and Geralt is convinced that Yennefer has died in the battle. Following these events, he attempts to protect Princess Cirilla by taking her to a safe location. This safe location is none other than his childhood home. While he tries to protect Cirilla, the biggest challenge may be protection from her own self and powers.

The previous season was widely popular and this one has been one of the most anticipated seasons all around the world.  


  • Anne Boleyn

This psychological thriller is basically a biopic of the famous Anne Boleyn and narrates the story of her life and death. This series covers the final months of Anne Boleyn’s life in prison waiting to be executed by beheading.  This is also one of the most anticipated TV shows is all set to air on


Wrapping Up

Every month different TV networks and streaming services come out with new TV shows for the audience to binge-watch. The above-mentioned list will help you keep track of what is coming next so that you can enjoy watching it with your friends and family members this upcoming holiday season.