5 best inflatable pools of 2022: Top easy-set pools

Warmer weather means enjoying the outdoors, but it also means being able to cool down if you need to. Summer is a great time for inflatable pools since they are temporary but still easy and fun to enjoy right in your own backyard without the commitment and price of a regular pool. 

We’ve rounded up the best inflatable pools, both kid-friendly and adult-friendly, to keep you cool and enjoy the summer.

Family splashing in an inflatable pool outside

Features: 10 size options | Puncture Resistant 3-ply Durable Material | 330 gallons of water | $132

The Intex Easy Set Pool is the best inflatable pool thanks to its wide variety of size options and a helpful cartridge filter pump. There are 10 size options to choose from, but our favorite is the 10-feet by 30-inch pool, which has 23 inches of water depth. The included pump improves water circulation, clarity, and freshness. And a convenient drain plug connects to your garden hose.


  • Different size options to choose from
  • Cartridge filter pump for better quality water


  • Some problems with setting up the pump

Family playing in an inflatable pool with balls in it

Features: 7 size options | 24 inches of depth | Soft floor | $50

Kids ages three and up will love this WateBom Inflatable pool, whether indoors or outdoors. It comes with a fun, ocean animal design and seven sizes to choose from. There is also a soft floor which makes it comfortable and safe for kids to play in. We found that this inflatable pool holds up more than others, but patches are included if a rip or tear happens.


  • Soft floor for kids’ comfort and safety
  • Lasts long and holds up wear and tear


  • Only works well if it’s on a flat surface 

Family lounging in inflatable pool with seats outside

Features: 14 inches of depth | 2 drink holders | 4 seats | $64

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy an inflatable pool, and this Intex pool is perfect for adults looking to lounge outside while keeping cool. It features four built-in seats with backrests and two handy drink holders. What’s more, it’s perfect for sunbathing since its water depth is relatively shallow at 14 inches.


  • Seats and drink holders for lounging
  • Great for sunbathing


  • Have to fill up each sit with air separately, which can take a bit

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool

Features: 120 x 72 x 22 inches | 269 gallons | 13 inches of water depth | $42

If you’re looking for a cheaper inflatable pool option, the Intext Swim Center is a decent choice at $42. It has three chambers and wide sidewalls making it durable from punctures. However, its 13 inches of water depth isn’t too deep if you’re an adult looking to use it.


  • Least expensive option
  • Wide sidewalls


  • Doesn’t last as long as some other options
  • Shallow water 

OEVES Inflatable Pool with Canopy

Features: 22 inches of depth | 162 gallons | Sun canopy | $49

This inflatable pool will keep you cool and keep you shaded thanks to a removable UPF50+ sun canopy. At 22 inches of water depth, it’s enough to both lounge in the shade and splash around. Its built-in elbow valve and 90-degree drainpipe make inflating and taking down easy.  


  • Shaded sun canopy
  • Easy to inflate and take down


  • Only works well on a flat surface 

What is the best inflatable pool?

The best inflatable pool is the Intex Easy Set Pool with Cartridge Filter Pump since it comes in many different sizes for whatever you need and has a filter pump for crystal clear and fresh water. 

Inflatable Pool


Water Depth

Gallon Capacity

Intex Easy Set Pool


23 inches

330 gallons

WateBom Inflatable Pool


24 inches


Intex Lounge Pool


14 inches

261 gallons

Intex Swim Center Pool


13 inches

269 gallons

OEVES Inflatable Pool


22 inches

162 gallons

Which inflatable pool is right for you?

Before purchasing an inflatable pool, it’s important to consider a few factors, such as who will be using it, how big you need it to be, how you want to use it, and what price you’re willing to spend. Any of the options on this list are great picks—it just depends on what you are looking for. 

Choose this inflatable pool…

If you want…

Intex Easy Set Pool

The best overall option

WateBom Inflatable Pool

A kid-friendly inflatable pool that lasts

Intex Lounge Pool

A pool for lounging or sunbathing

Intex Swim Center Pool

A simple, budget-friendly inflatable pool

OEVES Inflatable Pool

A pool with a canopy for shade

How did we choose these inflatable pools?

We chose these inflatable pools by research, and some of our team even used the products themselves. We compared factors like pricing, reviews (both good and bad), different features that make each pool stand out, and the water depth each pool provides.

How do you warm up an inflatable pool?

Your hose water is usually freezing cold, so if you want warmer water for your inflatable pool, you can simply hook up your backyard hose to your kitchen sink. 

What is the best way to set up an inflatable pool?

An inflatable pool should be set up on flat ground free of debris, since sticks and rocks can puncture through the pool causing it to leak. If you know you’re going to be using your pool on a certain day, set it up and fill it early in the day so the water has time to warm up, or, you can use our tip above. 

Are there alternative inflatable pools to consider?

Here are a few other options to look into: