4 Of The Most Popular Packaging Trends Of 2022

4 Of The Most Popular Packaging Trends Of 2022

4 Of The Most Popular Packaging Trends Of 2022

The success of your business is, to some level, dependent on the way you package your products.

A whopping 74 percent of consumers reported that they would be willing to fork out more for sustainably and environmentally safe packaged products according to a recent survey.

As such, the difference between a consumer choosing your products and those of the competition in 2022 onwards may actually rest in your choice of packaging. If you are looking for tyvek packaging then check out Amcor!

While some of our favourite packaging trends are included in this article, there are many more to look out for this year. Stay ahead of the chasing pack by considering the top six trends described below, including everything from product personalisation to sustainable design.

1. Packaging That Is Sustainable and Environmentally-friendly

In 2022, the sustainable packaging trend is set to continue. In addition to helping organizations set themselves apart from the competition and creating a positive brand image, having environmentally friendly packaging is also good for the environment.

As customers become more aware of their packaging waste, more and more businesses are turning to the use of recycled, compostable or biodegradable materials. It is important to start decreasing the amount of damaging plastics used by your company, with the introduction of the new plastic tax. You can boost your company’s success as well as your brands reputation by simply using a sustainable form of packaging starting from 2022.

Here’s a list of sustainable packaging examples:

Paper Voidfill – In addition to being reusable and recyclable, paper void fill is also eco-friendly and provides awesome protection during the transportation of your products.

Reinforced Self-Adhesive Kraft Tape: Compatible with all machines, this product is a fully recyclable with maximum security – making it the perfect alternative to gummed paper tape.

Self Adhesive Kraft Tape: This is a hassle free, environmentally friendly paper tape that is very strong.

2. The Continuing Growth Of E-commerce

A trend that is likely to continue going forward, e-commerce has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past few years. The pandemic has raised the bar when it comes to the packaging used in e-commerce having sparked a huge change in modern consumer behaviour.

When it comes to the return, user experiences and delivery of their products, consumers have very high demands. In 2022, companies will be required to make sure that their e-commerce processes meet customer expectations, in order to continue thriving in the e-commerce field. To make sure that customers want to come back for more, the packaging should be able to leave customers with a positive user experience in addition to protecting the products therein.

3. Packaging Customisation and Personalisation

As customers continue their hunt for reliability prior to the pandemic, customisation and personalisation will gain prominence in 2022. You can show the consumer that you are willing to go put in some extra effort to create professional and impressively looking packaging by simply customising your product.

Personalisation plays a huge role in driving customer relationships, according to 98 percent of marketers; furthermore, personalisation has a huge impact on increasing customer loyalty and delivering better customer experiences, according to 70 percent of these marketers. Custom packaging is made possible by digital printing – for customised and personalised packaging, contact our packaging experts for the available options.

4. Packaging And Brand Story Telling

Brand storytelling is another trend that is continuing to grow in popularity in 2022. Through the sharing of the story of their brand, many businesses are advancing their desire to engage with their customers. Some of the information that may be included on the packaging includes detailed company information about its history and/or mission as well as any other important information.

New businesses are finding new ways to educate their clients and build connections, given that many products are only attainable through e-commerce platforms. Consumers can learn about your product and its unique selling points by including storytelling on the packaging.

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