What You Can Do to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

There’s nothing better than letting the air breathe in your home and enjoying a nice breeze throughout your home. The problem in many homes becomes the bugs it will bring in. But bugs will find their way in your home regardless of keeping the door open. That’s just a fact of life. However, there are some things you can do to facilitate an unattractive environment for bugs so you don’t have to deal with them that often. Bugs are attracted to food, specifically sugar and sticky substances. Bugs can be a nuisance, but you can help prevent them from entering your home often by following these six tips for keeping bugs out of your home. Keep reading to learn more! 

Bug Screens 

A bug screen for doors hangs in the doorframe and allows air to flow through without creating an opportunity for bugs to fly in. This is a great way to secure your sliding patio doors so you can enjoy the weather both inside and out. Outside gatherings and dinners will be much easier with a bug screen that allows you to move freely indoors and outdoors. Bug screens typically attach and detach from the door allowing you place them wherever the need is the greatest. 

Keep Kitchen Clean 

To prevent bugs from entering your home through your walls, it’s important to keep on top of your kitchen’s cleanliness. Crumbs, debris, and other dropped items that we may not notice attract things like ants and cockroaches into your kitchen. The more diligent you and your household can be about cleaning up small messes in the kitchen, the less likely bugs will travel there for a snack. If you leave a lot of food out and don’t store it properly, ther more likely your home will be shared by numerous bugs. 

Take Garbage Out Often 

Similarly, make sure the garbage is taken out often. Old food, scraps from the dish drain, and food containers are all potential attractors for bugs of all kinds. This is especially true for city dwellers where cockroaches often run rampant in apartment buildings. Many times it’s not that you’re dealing with infestation but that they have made their way up through the walls because of a particular smell, i.e. the garbage. So make sure you take it out as often as possible without being wasteful with the amount of bags you use. 

Rinse Recyclables 

Most people just toss their recyclable containers and forget about them. Items like aluminum cans and bottles can contain sugary liquids that also attract bugs. To avoid letting them sit out and attract bugs, rinse out your recyclables before tossing them. This will eliminate any excess liquids and reduce the likelihood that bugs will enter your home and create problems in your kitchen. 

Fruit Fly Traps 

When fruit gets left on the counter it can attract fruit flies, some of the most annoying bugs to have in your house. Typical during the summer, these flies are attracted to aging fruit. The best way to deal with fruit flies during warm weather is to set fruit fly traps. These are often made with a vinegar solution designed to draw the fly in and drown them in the solution. The vinegar solution is usually covered with plastic wrap and fashioned with a straw or entrance of some kind to get the flies down there. There are tons of recipes that people swear by, so look one up if you’re curious about trying this! 

Citronella Candles 

Bugs, specifically mosquitos, are deterred by certain smells. This includes lavender, garlic, and cinnamon but even better are citronella candles. Citrus is another scent that insects don’t like, and citronella candles emit a fragrance that bugs detest. Set these up in your backyard to discourage mosquitos from bothering you, your family, and your guests. 


Bugs are a nuisance when they enter our home. Outside, they serve an essential role in the ecosystem. But indoors, they eat our food and invest our living situations making them feel uncomfortable and dirty. To discourage bugs from settling into your home, make sure you keep them out by using screens, cleaning up kitchen messes, and taking your disposables out as soon as possible. For fruit flies, try setting fruit fly traps to capture these annoying insects and discourage them from going after your fruits. When you find yourself outside in your backyard, you can discourage mosquitos from swarming by using citronella candles and other scents that bugs steer away from. 

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