Types Of Boat Insurance You Can Buy Online

Going out in your boat with friends and family might be your idea for a good weekend. However, if you do not have boat insurance from somewhere like insure4boats, you won’t get very far. Most waterways in the UK will not let you use your boat without insurance. Exploring types of insurance online is an excellent way to find the best option for your boat without sitting on the phone for hours.

Types Of Boats That Will Need Insurance

Whether you are using a man-powered, sail, or motor boat, you will need to get an insurance plan for your boat. Although it is not a legal requirement for a boat to have insurance in the UK, most waterways will only allow you to use your boat with some form of insurance. These are some of the boats that you will need to get insurance for:

A dinghy, while small in size, is an inflatable man-powered vessel that will require insurance. The other small vessel that needs insurance is a personal watercraft or jetski for watersport adventures. Finally, moving onto larger, more leisure-based boats, you might have a deck boat, bowrider, cabin cruiser, or catamaran. All of these leisure boats will need to be insured.

Types Of Insurance Available

You can find quotes and sign up for a variety of insurance plans online. When looking for a plan, you must decide what you want to be covered and how much you can afford. These things will help determine which plan you sign up for.

The most basic cover is third-party insurance. This will cover you for the damages to someone else’s vessel or someone else. Third-party insurance will not cover your vessel. You can add fire and theft cover to your third-party insurance. Doing this will protect your boat from theft or fire damage.

The next step up is a comprehensive coverage plan. This includes cover for your vessel, damage to another person’s vessel, accidental damage, vandalism, fire damage, and theft. You can add personal injury cover and contents cover to the comprehensive plan. This is the most insurance you can get for your boat. The more elements you add, the more the insurance will cost.

Finding insurance online gives you options to choose from, and often you can tailor your insurance package to suit your needs and budget.

Things To Keep In Mind

When you are buying insurance, your boat’s value will impact the coverage you will need. Bigger, more expensive boats will need a larger cover than a dinghy. How you plan on using your boat will also impact the cost of your cover. If you use it more often or for competitions, your cover will look different to a leisurely weekend user. Mooring will also have an impact on the price of your coverage. Where you moor your boat and the protection from the elements will influence the price tag.

There are elements that you can use to lower the price tag. First, if you have no claims history, you can get a better rate or a discount on your plan. Additional security measures on your boat or mooring will lower the price. Lastly, having experience and qualifications as a skipper will help you reduce costs even further.

Casting Off

Comparing insurance quotes online and finding the insurance company that will allow you to tailor-make your own insurance plan will ensure you can enjoy your boat safely. Safe sailing!

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