Top 5 players who have scored most runs in t20 tournament history

Here we list the simplest 5 players who have scored the foremost runs in t20 tourney history. Previous Sri Lankan cricketer Mahela Jayewardene is that the main run-scorer with 1016 runs in 31 T20 tourney matches. The ICC T20 World Cup is to be played in UAE and Oman from 17 October this year. On the off chance that we discuss the T20 tournament today, the record for scoring the foremost runs is kept for the sake of previous Sri Lankan cricketer Mahela Jayewardene. A sum of six T20 tourneys are played up to the current point and therefore the seventh T20 World Cup is to be played under the captaincy of BCCI this year.

Here is that the rundown of 5 batsmen with the foremost runs within the T20 World Cups:

1) Mahela Jayewardene, Sri Lanka:
Sri Lanka’s unbelievable batsman and skipper Mahela Jayewardene is that the most noteworthy run-scorer in T20 World Cups. He played in five versions of the competition within which he played 31 games where he made 1016 runs – the most player to cross the 1000-run mark. Previous Sri Lankan cricketer Mahela Jayewardene has scored 1016 runs in 31 T20 tourney matches somewhere within the range of 2007 and 2014 at a standard of 39.07 and a striking pace of 134.74. One 100 years and 6 half-hundreds of years are kept within the record of Mahela Jayewardene.

2) Chris Gayle, West Indies:
Number two is maybe of the foremost horrendous batsman on the earth, and Chris Gayle is that the second within the most noteworthy run-scorers list. Gayle has crushed 920 runs in 26 innings he has played across six tourney versions. He has hit two centuries also.

3) Tillakaratne Dilshan, Sri Lanka:
Tillakaratne Mudiyanselage Dilshan, usually referred to as Tillakaratne Dilshan could be a previous Ceylonn cricketer and former commander of the Sri Lanka public cricket crew. because the best-appraised Sri Lankan player in run pursues, he’s in many cases viewed joined of the foremost imaginative T20 batsmen ever. The Sri Lankan opener has played a sum of 34 innings across six tournament releases. Dilshan scored 897 runs with the help of six half-hundreds of years.
Dilshan has been a rare deliverer for Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka cricket and addressed them in 5 T20 World Cups (2007-2014). He assumed a significant part to require country to the finals of the 2009 T20 World Cup however sadly lost the ultimate T20 match of the year to Pakistan.

4) Virat Kohli, India:
India’s star batsman Virat Kohli has played only three T20 World Cups up to the current point however has amassed 777 runs in 16 matches. Kohli has crushed nine half-hundreds of years such long ways within the competition. Group India chief Virat Kohli is that the main Indian who is remembered for the simplest 5. Simultaneously, Virat is that the main batsman, who has scored quite 700 runs within the T20 tournament at a standard of quite 85.
Current Indian captain Virat Kohli scored the foremost number of runs (319) within the T20 tournament 2014. Virat Kohli is correct now one amongst the foremost outstanding all-design players on the world. His T20 normal is 50.5. His marvelous batting assisted India in arriving at the finals yet tragically, India clothed to be the sprinter within the 2014 T20 tournament.

5) AB de Villiers, South Africa:
South Africa’s quite possibly the most effective batsman AB de Villiers has played six T20 World Cups during which he has made 717 runs. Prominently called Mr. 360 has made five half-hundreds of years. although he resigned in 2018 from global cricket, there are reports that he could come back to within the saddle to play the planet Cup in 2021.

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