Tips for Painting Small Spaces

There’s nothing like a spacious living room. Unfortunately, if your living room is nothing like spacious, your home can start to feel cramped and claustrophobic. The good news is that there are many different interior design tricks you can use to make your cramped quarters look and feel larger and more accommodating without tearing out a wall. For instance, homeowners will often rearrange furniture or add mirrors to make spaces appear larger. Some specific painting techniques can also be used to create the same effect.

Use Light Colors

Try light colors when painting a small area. Lighter tones will create the illusion of a roomier area, making the walls and ceiling appear much farther apart than in reality. Another benefit of neutral and pastel shades is that they work with a wide range of decor.

Keep it Simple

Applying a single color in various shades is another way to ease the cramped feeling of a tight space. As opposed to mixing and matching contrasting colors, monochromatic tones maintain a consistent visual flow. The gradient colors will distract the eye from the size of the space and create visual interest, especially if you tie the shades into the fabrics and furnishings.

Add a Glossy Sheen

Glossy finishes are another way to make a small room appear larger. Walls with semi-gloss and eggshell trimming are accentuated, and the shine and light that is created and bounced from wall to wall helps widen a space visually. You can enhance this effect further by incorporating additional natural and artificial light, or reflective materials such as glass, metal or glazed wood and polished stone. If your walls are not in quality condition, however, you may need to do some patchwork first, as a gloss finish can augment flaws.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Don’t forget to paint your ceiling when you are trying to visually expand a small space. Painting brisbane it several shades lighter than your walls will make it appear higher and your room larger. Again, you can use gloss for a greater effect. Your choice of flooring can also make a big impact on the perceived size of your room.

A coat of paint can transform a room from one that is small, dull and dark to one that feels large, engaging and bright space. Even if the change is only one of perception, it will make your room feel more comfortable and appealing.