Workers at Amazon, Target, Instacart hold strike on International Workers Day

Essential workers nationwide at Amazon (AMZN), Whole Foods, Target (TGT), Instacart, and other companies held a coordinated strike on Friday that marked International Workers Day, saying they fear for their lives due to potential coronavirus exposure and calling for workplace safety protections, paid sick leave, and hazard pay to ensure their well-being amid the pandemic.

The action on Friday is the latest and broadest demonstration in a string of strikes since the coronavirus outbreak forced hundreds of millions of Americans into their homes last month, spiking demand for e-commerce and delivery as Amazon and other companies posted strong sales in recent earnings reports. Workers have expressed frustration over what they consider inadequate safety measures and compensation amid the heightened risk.

The strike on Friday marked the first coordinated workplace action by workers from several of the companies at once. The protests remained predominantly virtual, as participating workers posted messages on

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Wall Street’s top stock market experts strike bullish tone

Analysts from Wall Street’s top firms are getting more bullish on U.S. equities.

Swift and sweeping fiscal and monetary policy responses from U.S. officials will ultimately support stock prices from here, blunting some of the damage as the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures ravage the economy and grind business activity to a temporary halt, analysts at Goldman Sachs (GS), Morgan Stanley (MS), BlackRock (BLK), and JPMorgan (JPM) said in new notes Monday.

In other words, the bottom may already have been put in for stocks.

“The numerous and increasingly powerful policy actions have spurred equity investors to adopt a risk-on view,” said Goldman Sachs analyst David Kostin. “If the U.S. does not experience a second surge in infections after the economy reopens, the ‘do whatever it takes’ stance of policymakers means the equity market is unlikely to make new lows.”

Late last week, the Fed announced a new plan

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Business Networking Events? Strike Up A Conversation

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It serves to protect the business from unknown dangers which may possibly, or could not take location. And whether or not you like it or not you will have to find out the … Read More