Why US-China relations are worsening on ‘almost every front’

The U.S.-China trade deal is increasingly embattled, and its terms may not survive until November as tensions between the world’s two largest economies boil over, a top international analyst told Yahoo Finance on Friday.

As the U.S. struggles to control the rampant spread of the coronavirus in several states, ructions on the trade front may soon shake the markets. Earlier this week, markets sold off after White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro told Fox News America’s trade deal with China was “over.”

Navarro and President Donald Trump have since walked back those comments, but the underlying strains are likely to remain front and center.

“Trump is holding on to this Phase One trade deal and it’s because he knows what it’s going to do to the markets if it blows up,” Ian Bremmer, founder & president of the Eurasia Group told Yahoo Finance’s On the Move. 

While the president may

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