3 Useless, 2 In Critical Situation Following Capturing At East Facet Sports Bar, Police Say

“I’m happy with the decision I made and I’m simply making an attempt to go win a championship,” he stated. The Orioles’ star first baseman is in one other stoop in a season that has appeared to feature extra of them than usual. Bozeman headed into the season because the Ravens’ starting center after taking half in left guard the previous two seasons. Anthony “Doodie” Lewis, a longtime revered youth basketball coach and program director at Cecil-Kirk Recreation Center, died Tuesday of a coronary heart attack. The 2021 Ravens protection isn’t in the same class as the vaunted 2000 group, but it could dominate and control the pace of video games, giving the offense a possibility to catch up. An Orioles offense that has gotten off simple in what’s now an 11-game shedding streak because the team has also pitched poorly got here up small once more Sunday, with simply … Read More

‘We need more funding for police’: Missouri AG Schmitt

In the wake of President Trump signing an executive order for police reform Tuesday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says he believes police should get more money to carry out their work.

“I would argue we need more funding for police,” Schmitt told Yahoo Finance. “But I also freely concede the point that this isn’t just about policing. There’s a lot of other issues involved if we’re serious about tackling these issues.”

In St. Louis, the police department has an operating budget of $134.5 million for the year 2020. This year, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced budget cuts as the state faces revenue shortfalls thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The more than $200 million in budget restrictions hit the state’s schools, but left the policing budget untouched. 

“I do think there’s a discussion beyond just reforms as it relates to policing we ought to be having,” Schmitt said.

Schmitt highlighted

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Why Albuquerque is responding to calls to defund police with a new unarmed public safety force

Calls to defund the police are being heard in New Mexico’s largest city where this week Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller announced plans to create a first of its kind, unarmed public safety force.

The so-called Albuquerque Community Safety department will serve alongside the Albuquerque police department but be made up of unarmed social workers who are trained to respond to emergency calls pertaining to homelessness, mental health, and non-violent emergencies.

As Keller told Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM, the new force will give dispatchers a third option besides police and the fire department to de-escalate certain situations.

“This isn’t about all situations would be different, but we think there’s a lot of less intense situations that we can pull out and treat differently,” he said.

Funding for the new department would come from shifting resources away from about five other departments, Keller said, including the city’s police, fire, and transit departments.

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Defund police talk is more ‘catchy hashtag’ than policy

Police veteran Bill Bratton on Tuesday described the “defund police” movement that’s become a catchphrase of the anti-racism movement roiling U.S. cities as a “catchy hashtag” driving public policy, but lacking a consistent definition.

Bratton, who served as police commissioner for New York, Los Angeles and Boston, told Yahoo Finance that “you could talk to 10 different people and 10 people have 10 different interpretations of it.”

He added that the embrace of the phrase “immediately started to rattle a lot of people, including a lot of our congressional leaders, a lot of our governors, our president, and police, because it was misunderstood.”

According to Bratton, there are four differing themes for what the movement suggests — and it depends on who is using the phrase, and who is interpreting it. To some, the idea represents a conscious effort to acknowledge and address a need to reform police practices, and

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Former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett talks protests, defunding police, and criminal justice reform

As Black Lives Matter protests continue to gain strength across the United States, former senior advisor to President Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett says the country might have reached “a turning point.” 

“It feels different this time,” Jarrett told Yahoo Finance. 

“And I’m hesitant to say we’ve reached the turning point, but I do think this is more than an inflection. I do think it’s the beginning of a turning point. And the question will be, can we sustain this effort over time?”

The top Obama official says that the protests and demonstrations have been “incredibly positive,” with people of all races, backgrounds, and ages participating.

“I also think that those demonstrations have yielded results right away,” she said, citing the appointment of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to the George Floyd case and the increased severity of charges against the officers

“That’s the kind of swiftness that I think

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