Parks, Rec Advises Pet House Owners To Not Abandon Pets At Native Parks And Ponds

Please always try to embrace details about the device you are using and the type and model of the working system. Management of animals, adoptions, medical information, volunteers, web presence and communication with the adopters. Collaborate with all the members of your organization with using the online interface and the cellular apps. Select what you need to share, with who and for the way long. Whitefish Dunes State Park has a chosen pet swim area.

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LA business owners are ‘mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted’ because of 2020

Alex Segal had just come home from work. Saturday was a momentous milestone — Croft House was opening the doors to its showroom for the first time since the start of the coronavirus.

Croft House, a high-end furniture manufacturer and retailer, is located in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park, a stone’s throw away from the Fairfax District, where the Black Lives Matter protests started earlier in the afternoon.

After witnessing a few hours of peaceful demonstrations, Segal, 34, was at home watching the news with his wife. Soon, coverage showed the situation was escalating into violent altercations with the police and looters shattering glass and ransacking stores at The Grove, which is a mile-and-a-half away from his store. Croft House and hundreds of other stores were damaged and looted this past week, and many business owners expressed a general sense of fatigue after an adrenaline-filled weekend.

“I got to the store

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Georgia business owners split on Kemp’s decision to reopen economy amid coronavirus

On April 24, Georgia officially opened for business. But with the state hard hit by coronavirus, many business owners and residents question Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen a state whose economy has been badly hurt by the pandemic. 

The partial reopening allows for restaurants, nail salons, gyms, massage parlors, tattoo shops, hair salons, and other businesses to open, with restrictions.

“Informed by the Coronavirus Task Force and public health officials, ‘Opening Up America Again’ includes three phases to safely reopen and get folks back to work,” the governor said in a statement

“According to the Department of Public Health, reports of emergency room visits for flu-like illnesses are declining, documented COVID-19 cases have flattened and appear to be declining, and we have seen declining emergency room visits in general.”

‘Nothing in science supports it’

But despite the Kemp’s assertions, doctors, business owners, and the president disagree.

“I (or

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Restaurant owners fear small business sweeteners for coronavirus package ‘won’t be enough’

President Trump’s administration is pushing for an additional $250 billion in loans for small businesses as part of a new round of fiscal stimulus, but some restaurant owners fear the money will be too little, too late.

With Treasury Secretary Mnuchin pushing Congress to approve the additional funds by Friday, hard-hit restauranteurs warn that the money is unlikely to fill the nearly $1 trillion void left by multiple establishments shuttering their doors across the country. 

“It won’t make enough of a difference,” Kwame Onwuachi, founding member of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, which represents over 500,000 restaurants, told Yahoo Finance on Wednesday.  “That’s what we’re trying to fight for.”

The IRC was formed out of a sense of urgency to save the restaurant industry. A letter the group sent to House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday

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‘It doesn’t make any sense,’ Restaurant owners push back against SBA loan restrictions

Spencer Rubin has seen his restaurant locations dwindle from 20 to 2 in just one month. 

The rapid closures brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have slashed 80% of his revenue, forced him to lay off roughly 100 full-time employees, as well as other painful cuts to The Melt Shop, a restaurant chain he built out over nine years.

Still, Rubin hasn’t applied for a loan through the Small Business Association’s $350 billion program yet, because he’s not certain it will get his business back to where it would need to be.

“That money will quickly come and go, and then you’ll kind of be back to where you are, if you don’t plan it out properly,” Rubin said. “If you just take that money and just pay people to be on payroll but there’s no demand for them to work, there’s no other money coming into the rest of

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