Samsung Galaxy S20+ review: The just right phone

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 line of smartphones is here. The latest in the company’s flagship family of phones, the S20 comes in three flavors, the $999 S20, the $1,199 S20+, and the $1,399 S20 Ultra. 

Each of the phones comes equipped with 5G capabilities, a first for the lineup, and packs upgraded cameras complete with powerful zoom functionality. We’ve already looked at the S20 Ultra, and its enormous 100x zoom camera, but most people are likely to opt for the S20 or S20+, rather than the ultra-expensive Ultra.

So what can you expect if you get an S20+? Simply put, one of the top Android phones around. With its powerful performance, pristine display, and exceptional camera, the S20+ is the best version of the S20 you can buy.

What’s different between the phones?

The S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are largely similar outside of a few key differences. The

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