Going From Zero To Full Blown Business With Magick

Going From Zero To Full Blown Business With Magick

Sometimes in this world we want to pull away from the work everyday work and start something we can be proud of.

This is the catalyst for business – entrepreneurship starts when you don’t want to settle for the daily grind anymore and you want something much more satisfying – something that you can count on for the decades to come.

Doing something like this and making the move to create your own business can be a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be if it’s the right move for you.

Sometimes we just need to work on something we’re passionate about and create a far better service than anything that exists – and we can do exactly that with help from the spirits.

When you have the initial spark idea – the catalyst moment of inspiration that let’s you know you can concentrate on something for years to come – that moment can set you up for life in ways you probably can’t even imagine.

It’s about having a long term vision for our financial future and how we want to run our lives going into the years and decades to come.

If you can remotely envision yourself running a business – a couple of very powerful spirits can help you…

Yezelel (fallen angel) – Enables you to gain all needed insight about the right business to get into and setup; allows you to strategize planning everything out so that you can easily go from idea to full business in a very short amount of time.

Lucifuge – Guides you from thinking and planning your business to completely setting everything up; enables you to see how everything comes together and you can profit long term through new business ideas.

Things can come together very quickly as long as you know what you want to do.

Sometimes we vaguely know that we want to start up a business, but without the proper inspiration and general idea of what to do – we won’t get anywhere.

It isn’t problematic if you cannot easily think of the smaller steps to get you business going.

All businesses have to go through a very rough phase where they have more questions than answers – and that is completely fine considering that all businesses start from nothing at one point.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from absolute zero, or if you have a seed idea that you want to take off from.

Just keep in mind that businesses evolve over time and they tend to shift focus – with their products and services changing over time.

Do not marry yourself to any one product, idea or service and you will go very far – and that’s a lot of businesses who just don’t get that until they have to fold and move on – deeply wondering what on earth they did wrong.

It’s not that they don’t understand their products or services, but something along the way pushed them off their paths and it just wasn’t a good thing.

If you can envision things coming together, it will happen.

If you need inspiration in a different direction – to know what direction to go with an existing business idea or something you already have going, a few more spirits can help…

Cronos (Greek spirit) – Grants you the proper inspiration you need to find momentum and direction for your idea or business; guides you to establish yourself in a way that is perfect for you and your business.

Melahel (fallen angel) – Enable you to think clearly about your business direction so that you can easily build momentum over time in a way that guides you to higher profits and better direction for the business as a whole.

Though you might be starting from a low point – these spirits can guide you to align with where you need to be in your business.

That’s not to say that you need a business to work with these spirits – not at all.

They can give you the proper guidance and direction so you don’t have many questions but you are pushed and guided by the spirits to do exactly what you need to get everything setup.

When you have the spirits working at your side, they can guide you toward all the best options for you in ways you likely can’t even fathom.

It’s like looking back at a school degree and wondering how you made it through all the challenges and rough moments to have that paper certificate in your hand – you just know you’ve made it and it would have been very different if you didn’t have the spirits by your side.

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