3 tips to find a job in Sweden after graduation!

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Finding a job after graduation might seem a really tough task. You have pressure from all around you after studying all those years, and that is why you have quite high expectations too. But the thing is, it might not be that easy to find a job right after graduation. But if you implement the right tips and tricks, your experience can be a lot better than most of the fresh graduates of this era. So do you know what tips you would have to keep in mind? Let’s find out! 

And yes, if you are using any type of job finding service or engine, I would recommend checking its reviews first. You can check reviews through Omdomesstalle.se or different reviewing platforms with ease. It will actually save you time, and you will be able to find a perfect match according to your skills. 

3 most important tips to find a job in Sweden after graduation!

Integrate all these three tips in your mind, and you will definitely have a job as per your preferences in the end!

  1. Use job finding services efficiently!

Everyone uses job finding services and websites, but that is where you will have to be smart. Unlike others, you will have to present a solution to the employee seekers rather than your old CV. You can use job filters too so that you can only get the jobs as per your interest that you can actually apply to.

You can use the websites like Blocket Jobb that allow you to have access to thousands of jobs in Sweden and use different filters too. And yes, you should apply for 2-3 suitable jobs, and not just once, to increase the chances of getting a positive reply from any of them.

  1. Build a network!

If you have a great network, it is impossible for you to be jobless for months. By networking, I specifically mean family, friends, classmates, or even teachers who know you and your interests. You can let them know you are searching for a job and if they could help you reach out to different contacts. Not only that, but you can actually visit different firms, talk to people with your mindset, make friends with them, and broaden your network. There are many social sites too that can help you build your own profile with a network to make things easier. It might take a few months, but networking would make it easy for you to find whatever you want at any point in your life. So don’t ignore this critical aspect!

  1. Volunteer or Internship 

Would you rather work for a month for free and get experience and get a paid job afterwards, or would you spend a whole year searching for a paid job right from the start? Well, the first option is really feasible. The biggest mistake fresh graduates make is that they ignore internships and volunteering. You can simply work for free for a month or two and get experience in the field. That experience is what will bring hundreds of future opportunities for you. 


These three tips are really enough to get a perfect job for yourself in Sweden. You will precisely have to be patient and not too hasty. Your hard work will definitely be awarded the job you always wanted. So keep trying, and you will keep learning.